IDF warns soldiers against revealing information in social networks

דובר צה”ל

The Operations Division provides instruction in which IDF soldiers and officers conduct on social networks and are demanding to hide the fact that soldiers to safety. “Tangible danger to the safety of soldiers.”

תאריך: 23/12/2010, 15:23    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך

The Operations Division provides instructions as to conduct severe IDF officers and soldiers on social networks, it published the last widely revealed personal details of soldiers and commanders in the regular and reserve service that were being tried for a war “.

From the publication in British website indicates that the information posted which came mainly from social networks and communications. According to a letter published this week suggests that tangible danger to the safety of soldiers, as a result of the disclosure of personal information
On the network reference and the fact that they serve in the IDF.


Not to single trips or exercises

In carrying out careful therefore the soldiers not to display their picture on the background of the sign identifies the unit, because you may be able to locate addresses and harass the soldiers. According to the instructions, it is forbidden to show pictures of networked military unit, in addition to text and identifying information on the social network.
Which feared Penn moved to Peru and Palestinian organizations which serve against soldiers.
Complaints officers and false accusations of war crimes. For this reason there is also prohibited.
“Single trip” and attach a picture.

“Many of us claim that we don’t share members. Experience
This demonstrates that there is no control over the social networks and the information gets into the hands not planned too, “explains Lieutenant Colonel and head of defense against insberg, security operations division
Lieutenant Colonel and insberg clarifies that “the IDF intends to prohibit its soldiers and commanders from using social networks because that is the right of every person, but it is our duty to ensure your safety, to alert, warn and guide”.


Reporting from hostile threats.

In Add and clarify the operations division that it is prohibited to publish the military occupation on social networks and avoid military service advertising images, especially images that describe clearly the specific occupation. Another required
The soldiers avoid getting members who do not identify themselves and not to pass information that is not necessary for personal relationships.

“Avoid correspondence on military activities in non-business information security offences but revealing your identity, like moving the start Liv shared experiences too.
If this is done as part of a conversation where we should go out in the evening “, written in the letter. Another required soldiers to be sensitive and suspicious to minor harassment with regard to the military occupation and see them “red light”.

To summarize, careful, Brigade soldiers to commanders and officers of security threat information or referral from other anti-Israeli factor or


Translated from Hebrew