IDF website: Chanukah candle Thursday with ה”דבורים fighters” of the Navy.

צילום: איריס ליינר, דובר צה”ל

The IDF site lit another candle each night of Hanukkah, along with troops on the ground. The fifth candle lit with ה”דבורים” fighters stationed at the base in Haifa

תאריך: 24/12/2011, 18:14    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

After we felt a little neglect towards them soldiers serving at sea, riding around with trays of doughnuts and Haifa base menorah to light candles with vespiforms have. It was not easy to find the destination among docked ships, but when I finally found the little boat in which two fighters crowded into ה”דבורה” of ships.
The Interior was warm, “again?”

Fourth candle with Deputy Chief of staff and the Defense cadets
Third candle with “Knights of the twin tail”
-Candle with “company of paratroopers Gilboa
First candle with Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz

IDF website: Chanukah candle Thursday with ה”דבורים fighters” of the Navy.

Who the heroes: the bees in the Navy? “the Fox” of 820 ו”מפלצות look” of our day together 814 convened the fifth Hanukkah aboard festive candle lighting accompanied by doughnuts.

The temple: Haifa naval base somewhere in the remote ratipam of ships look.

Big Sun: at the Fox, Sergeant ADI Kozlowski has no doubt who the ship “Fridman and Beaton the funniest, it is impossible without them.
He says. The monsters look corporal Avner Gordon praised Ophir and Ronaldo who are always up. “It is impossible without the guitar of Ofir, who can sit around all day and make up songs.

As cool: there is no doubt the most lit Hanukkah is to leave the military routine and if you leave home. “Like to get to hang out with at home,
To relax and be with family.

As Antiochus: Cpl. Avner Gordon was forced to spend the weekend of Chanukah in the base while his friends coming home he left to save.
IDF website system strengthens and sends him holiday happy Hanukkah, too. Sgt. Adi Kozlowski but actually, don’t forget to complain. Last light candles, eating doughnuts. Nobody was waiting for us while we were in the sea! “he protests.

The sweetest, besides doughnuts and latkes: sweet like sea experiences. “High water to return to the port, standing together singing while we shake the ship like crazy. Keep the mood on the ship. In addition, those who remain in Hanukkah will supply of goodies, then at least to be sweet.
According to Judas Maccabeus: commanders of ships, Captain and Lieutenant swersky Jean Mallon being envious of the soldiers “as Hanukkah with
The soldiers, who are also the 2nd House. What takes more than Ronaldo, master in baking breads and pastas that chunky bitch? “

In summary, this Hanukkah Festival or rope: the bees this is Hanukkah Festival. The men on the ship taking advantage of cold holiday weekend
And with the surf in Metula. Only return us chilled.

Translated from Hebrew