IDF website returns to action

“Instance servers malfunction” caused unavailability IDF sites, now returned to the air after resolving the problem, from the storage component in the server farm

תאריך: 07/11/2011, 09:26    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Official Web sites in Hebrew, English and Arabic that
This morning (Monday) to regular activity, after which lasted during the past 24 hours. The failure of Government “available servers”, which hosted the site caused unavailability in various government websites starting at noon. During the day, disruptions expected latest

During the night and early morning, solved the problem-servers and now that
IDF, sites, and the Government institution. ב”ממשל” having now a series of tests to ensure that all services are running as normal. A thorough investigation has held leading to correction, it becomes clear that the source of the fault is non-IBM Storage component. During the night, worked in Government available with IBM in order to restore normal operation element they have succeeded, and the sites.

Today and in the coming weeks will be a thorough investigation ב”ממשל” regarding strategies to failure and issues of unavailability of servers in order to prevent possible recurrence of similar incidents in the future. This inquiry is completed among the factors in tkshovis.

Translated from Hebrew