If the officer doesn’t come in for testing, the test gets an officer

צילום: יסמין דר, אט”ל

A new venture of Medical Corps sends to bases across the country the most advanced equipment of periodic testing Center: “reach for a set”

תאריך: 24/04/2013, 16:38    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

The permanent population – go get tested! Medical Corps launched a new project, in which the experts of the Center for periodic checks to bases
The farthest. In order to enable the members to carry out the checks required.

Periodic testing center is located in tzrifin Center clean and permanent contacts accessed of all units in the army. The permanent members are committed from 30 to undergo periodic medical examinations exercised early detection of diseases, prevents the development and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. At the heart is the frequency of once every five years until age 34, 35 one for 3 years and 50 years to retirement.

The distance from the Rabbi at tzrifin bases of remote field units led the CDC team, known as “attention to the edge. Which recruited the entire team, including doctors, klinaity, nurses, paramedics and medical secretaries and medical devices of the State come to the commands.
“Many have permanent personnel to waive the mandatory testing because they serve far from the Institute and do not find the time or the ability to get to,” explains Chuck include initial medical Murph, major Maya. “The project we are going to go through the edge – and ensure that we make these tests until the last permanent members.”

The first visit took place this month in Gaza Division’s regional clinic, which reach many members in permanent division headquarters, and others caught in the area. The transfer of the South is not a simple task and involves a heavy medical devices (such as endurance testing device). With the help of regular contacts and reserve Center
The residing in the South, and on the same day through dozens of officers and NCOs.

“Heart made here are made first-class values, specify the ogdati medical officer, Lt. Col. Dr. 4445. “Ogdatit clinic provides not only the Medical Division, but also the environment and bases soldiers caught a line. There is high awareness Division lifestyle and preventive medicine, and thus blessed initiative “.
The CDC is expected to continue in the southern districts in the regional military engineering school. The central command and Northern command have already found a lot of interest in the project,
And expected in the near future the visits to clinics in the North.

Translated from Hebrew