“If we are children, they are our brothers,” the participating fighters respond to her letter of the hijack

הנערים הנעדרים. צילום: אוסף פרטי

Rachel Frenkel wrote a letter to exciting participating fighters for liberation. Now the IDF site brings you respond: “I want to tell you-about who to trust.”

תאריך: 19/06/2014, 17:11    
מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

Some of the fighters taking part in operation “with boys” in Judea and Samaria were able to look at the newspaper but Word of the letter addressed to them by Frankel, the mother of the abducted Naftali frenkiel, quickly went among the participating forces. In the letter, released through “in the camp,” wrote Rachel because she trusts the soldiers in “200 percent” and that “this bizarre situation created by us, where all consciousness
One of you feels for us as built “.

IDF website brings the response of warriors in Rachel, from the engineering, Chai and outright canvassing armor, including fighters who live in communities of persons
A few of them houses.

“If we are children, they are our brothers,” the participating fighters respond to her letter of the hijack

The letter she wrote Rachel Frenkel for IDF. “each of you feels for us as built”

CPL. Moshe, real Brigade battalion 71 188
Lives in Talmon, a family of targeted Gilead Shaer

“I was amazed when I read your letter. I was shocked when I saw that is important for you to write to us, and to say the things you said – even when you’re in a situation so difficult, let alone think about peace.
I want to give you an answer and say as we your sons so the missing are our brothers. It is a privilege for us to take part in the effort to find them.
Fellas making night arrests overnight, barely sleeping, still fighting to get out.
Also in the morning tour. There’s also a lot of hope. When I read your letter I thought about mom of Gilead, which is counting on us, and this support is very unusual on your part.
For that we thank you and your families. “

“If we are children, they are our brothers,” the participating fighters respond to her letter of the hijack

Capt. NIR era, Deputy Commander of battalion 71 188 Division

Think about the children all the time. They’re always in my head, it doesn’t go away. I want to say thank you so much for your support, the battalion will do everything possible to bring the boys home and bring the kidnappers to pay.
When you say you trust us by 200%, this gives us a feeling that believe in us, and it increases morale and the March.

Sgt. Jonathan glikrman, Asaf battalion of combat engineering corps
Lives in Jeddah, where lives the family of Naftali frenkiel

I understand better than my friends for the meaning of it all. For me that someone’s family settlement, this is more than a picture. It’s important for me to let you know that all the soldiers here have a very high motivation, just like everyone really know them from attending. Everyone here is working hard and give everything to find your son and other children.
I promise I’m going to do everything possible, everything you want me to do, to improve the situation and to bring them home. “

“If we are children, they are our brothers,” the participating fighters respond to her letter of the hijack

CPL. Maor aka, place

“We’re doing everything we can to get them back, whether it’s arrests, scans from House to House, and additional activities.
Want to strengthen your hands, and the rest of the family. We are talking here about how hard your company, you and the other parents suffer, and how hard it is to hang in there all day. It’s a sense of loss as shnalmim three boys three mothers. I want to tell you-about who to trust. “

Lieutenant Commander Lisa generation in gathering battalion

“All of us.
Read your letter and ask you to know that we are here, standing on your feet that we want and that we have. I know that people volunteer for reserves, and there’s even a company that refuses to be released to take part in the operation. Your son and other hostages are all like brothers. Were United together, these three families, and I believe you to be strong.
Like that day, together, and all the soldiers around here feel the support of the public. Each of us understands well what is here, and the desire to take action and do it much higher than usual. Our feeling is that the military will not stop until I found them. “

Translated from Hebrew