“I’m going to attack the post, hope it will save you.”

משה לוי בתקופת המלחמה. צילומים באדיבות אתר “יד לשריון”

With these words seperately cpl. Moshe levy from his injured hand after losing minutes a missile and stormed toward the Egyptian commando position. On the operation received the award after the Yom Kippur war. This chilling tale

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מחבר: צחי בירן, אתר צה”ל

The 40-year anniversary of the Yom Kippur war and the same number of conspicuous gallantry medals awarded since the establishment of the State of the IDF fighters, for its excellence and extraordinary courage under fire – 8 of them were awarded to war heroes and never awarded more medals. Most heroic aoteri Yom Kippur war escaped from the battlefield – one of those who have demonstrated superior bravery and awardees tell is Moshe levy. 
The story of Moses Levi sounds like material that producers from Hollywood action films, but it was a real battle and bloody, and left him without his right hand and a few fragments of his body.

Moshe Levi, 28 at the time, married to three-year-old girl and boy 1 year told in many interviews that one of the most interesting facts is that he wasn’t even supposed to be at war. Two months before October 6th was injured in a car accident and broke his kneecap.

A month before the war, while his leg is in a cast, his unit was called to reserve service, without of course. Two weeks before the war removed a leg cast and is limping behind.
War is not a membership called her and got up, nevertheless “with wife and kids
And I said, ‘ I walk ‘. Although my wife said: ‘ but I didn’t call you. I said: ‘ don’t need
Call me-I’m going. I got up and went to the regiment. “Moses.”
The Wolf asked Whitman (11-Division open Division), I have another problem with the producer, I couldn’t run, but I will do what I can, and I promise to behave, I want to be here. ” The Meg would give him under זחל”ם (armored vehicle carrying troops and open the rear-CB). That night began travelling to Sinai front on necklaces. Yad Mordechai already hangs the larva of Levi. Said to him: ‘ זבש”ך (the problem
), Alone, we are not waiting. They had a spare chain. One of the convoys that southbound was Dune ordnance Corps that stopped and fixed the Caterpillar Moses continued drive for his friends. Blosa arrived (in North Sinai), where the regiment and connect.

“I’m going to attack the post, hope it will save you.”

“I feel a boom! Hit, and fell “

Starting 8 October spread yiftach Brigade in the northern sector in the area and ran the Jezreel valley. The company to which Moshe levy chases after commandos in Egypt. On the 15th of the month in the morning received notice that a 20-man commando unit blocks the “plastic” (Marsh Road) to the post, Hiya and need
To extract the axis to connect, give back at the same sea, Hiya that attack. Two
Delivery trucks were on their way to the damaged wetlands post then understood that it was an ambush of commandos whose number was several times larger than what was provided in the initial news.
Tanks joined the Regiment, which held day before attempting to proceed with Egyptian armor and destroy it by the over 40 t-62 tanks were not available to help. The Egyptian commando personnel wasn’t an escape-mudded village practically hibernates wetlands on one side and on the other side of the Caterpillar company power with 100 warriors. It was clear that this would be fighting until the end.  The commando entrenched with half-arch around a section of the way along a 400 m, a
About 30 yards from the road.

Moshe Levi was Caterpillar II. “They didn’t open fire on us,” says Moshe levy, “they gave us in the front section where the dig, and all
Inside, a fire one shot missiles and rockets and most tools. In this first fire strike had several dead and wounded throughout זחל”ם. The larva of sustained missile
The chain and small arms bullets whistled through the air and the knock on the wall crawling. “the two would be inside, the Moshe mihar instruct: ” guys we charge, enter
Another missile. In his was a caterpillar and Moshe control: open fire place. I ain’t ‘ Ma, ‘ I have two children, if I get up, I get shot, died at the scene. “Guys, we have to strike,” said. Old Samson, who was with me in “Caterpillar Samson, I stood up, I don’t know how long it’s going to make it, I got up to shoot,” I looked at my chest, and I remember very well how I smiled trying to imagine where the first bullet hit. I said to myself: maybe if I lift my hand and start to shoot, before I picked up the body, might have a chance that Egypt will drop. How I raised my hand to take the Ma-passes in the Hussain Sagar missile (anti-tank – CB) over the larva and boom, beats, and just fell. The wing of a us missile switch
Took my arm, just below the elbow. I look and see no. It was the dominant hand. All the soldiers went into shock. Suddenly you see me without
Hand and arm. Then I said, ‘ gentlemen, one missile struck down one missile over, a minute everybody enters rocket jump. I grabbed the Uzi and jumped to the other side of the bag I jump start jump then everyone jumps a bullet because the Egyptians continued to shoot. Four guys not jumped, including Ma. After about a minute the rocket entered into a caterpillar, all four smashed left him. “

“I figured that I didn’t have a chance to live.”

Without hand and bloody stump looked at Moses on the larva and shattered mirrors of dead and wounded comrades. The situation seemed perilous. “I figured I have no chance to live, I looked at the guys and said: gentlemen, I’m going to attack the post, I hope it will save you, me no chance. He said he tried to alert his Uzi rifle in one hand and couldn’t and so threw it. On the one hand removed
Fragmentation grenade, pulled the PIN with his teeth and thought to himself: “I’m going with the grenade entered the Egyptian stance and explode with them.” He approached the Egyptian position on foot as he feels that it is blurred, as a result of blood loss and almost lose consciousness.
“I started seeing stars,” he recalled. He threw the PIN and move to Egyptian position. His battle claimed then that they heard him shout “grenade”, according to the drill,
He doesn’t remember it. The Egyptians didn’t shoot him, they saw his hand cut off and blood the zava
The hidden hand that held the grenade may have thought that coming to surrender. From a distance of about ten meters or less threw the grenade, Moshe levy which exploded just above the Egyptian position and smashed them all, but rsicio also struck in the face and chest. He was lying on the ground and briefly again mused to himself: ‘ if I stay-meth, get up and come back. When Rose felt
Like a punch in the back sticking him behind. The bullet lies in the body today.

A short time later, the paratroopers and the youths ‘ ה’זלדה (113 armoured personnel carrier if) I. But Moses refused to evacuate before evacuating soldiers. He remembers jumping him wearing
I tried to do a tourniquet in arm and gave him morphine. This armoured personnel carrier forward and hit it too. More APC arrived and cleared the soldiers and then refused to leave.

The doctor got it in corporations (pick-up station laughing stock) look at all daunted by Moshe Levi is fighting 10 days ‘ beard, blue eyes and a body covered in blood. When the doctor control Chopper to first. “Doctor, will I live?” asked the doctor, got an answer. A helicopter came to Tessa, tried camp and managed to get his blood. From there flown North ב’נורד and arrived at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.

“I’m going to attack the post, hope it will save you.”

In the emergency room kicked him several doctors to treat open wounds who had numerous and continued a series of surgeries. “They have not informed the family that wasn’t sure come out alive,” says Moses. While in the recovery room nurse opened his eyes and shouted ‘ he lives ‘. “I asked her: ‘ what I was dead?”

“I salute you, hero.”

Moshe levy was in the hospital for months as he had one main shmshala: return. “Everybody told me: ‘ no way. ‘ The treatment is still not over. Finally one doctor, a surgeon, Dr. Hannah, said she’s willing to confirm me as long as she came close to me. If something happens to me-she would be. I contacted Musa Peled was ogdoner and z said: I want to go flying. And he said: ‘ If you want — Moishe Moishe imports. He knew about my fight and names the Committee rolled before. Forward the uniforms for a hospital, and then with the dressing of Dr. Hanna, to protect from infections, wearing uniforms and shining eyes.
I felt back, without a hand, but I felt like I was back to the same person. We flew into fa’id West ditch “.

He goes on to tell what drove him on Jeep and accompaniment. Later demanded and received permission to join the tour with his sector and even gets back to fire incident. He remembers the incident as a positive event that returned to after the injury.

Some time after the war, having appointed as Commander of the armored Corps, asked Musa Peled Moses Levi to his Office. “I remember I went to, capsule and all the officers. The General opened the door and let me in. Musa Kam, saluted me and said: ‘ I salute you, hero. It was one of the most exciting moments I felt weak in the knees, I had trouble standing on his feet. “You got to be five heroes of Israel” he said.

“I’m going to attack the post, hope it will save you.”

In ancient years Tammy relocated to the USA, and became a very successful businessman, security and defense. He strives to make frequent visits and official memory events. This year decided to return with his wife, as a returning resident.

“I’m going to attack the post, hope it will save you.”

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Translated from Hebrew