Improved די־9 road warriors.

In the engineering brigades have already started to receive an improved model of the bulldozer.
Advantages: more protective features storage space. The reservists get the tools, and will quite

תאריך: 29/02/2012, 18:17    
מחבר: ירדן אלעזר

News for the reserve troops of the Corps: soon they will begin to use the bulldozers pretty. The move allowed following the purchase of dozens of new bulldozers
Reach by regular Engineering Brigades.

The new tools will be Corps authority during the next six months. The procurement process
Starting two years ago, and in recent months made instruments and process of grief.
New bulldozers arrive when they are protected than those that exist today, and include internal equipment in which cells can operate them fighters to store food and personal gear.

“The new models of the kind we tried the little lessons we found while using older models,” explained head of heavy equipment (צמ”ה) in the combat engineering corps, Lieutenant Colonel 201241. “The teams that are inside a bulldozer during an operational activity can stay up מ־36 hours, and exits can be life threatening. It is therefore important to have equipment and external as internal. This change along with the upgrade protection for bulldozer is very significant to the soldier.

The first regiment to receive the kind he improved, 601 battalion holds several tools. All new expected dozens of bulldozers to split evenly between regimental
Regular engineering, to replace the older tools, transfer to the reserve of the servants
The Corps. “Until such a day was really the reserve soldiers and the significance of the move.
It’s big. Now all the engineering troops will be די־9, and bulldozers, we keep the spearhead of the force, carrying tools, “said Lieutenant Colonel illouz.

Translated from Hebrew