Operational employment clinics of IDF combat divisions are days
These perform large-scale regeneration • end improves the conditions of reception and treatment clinics-level insiders refer to as צה”לי hotel”

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Seven years ago, the IDF changed the whole medical clinics furniture in blue, but the interfaces equipment-reception, medical cabinets, desk
Doctor, chairs and so on remain largely obsolete. It could be found in beds clinics
The field test beds, desks and cabinets; doctor hacked without a suitable place to store medicine. “Over the years, the equipment spending, stolen and destroyed. We decided to conduct a survey to examine the needs of the paramedics and doctors, according to the results in both “רס”ב Yossi, said Marciano, the רמ”ד broke in the medical corps, leading the project.
These months passing between Nicola’s crew medical clinics operational employment and training clinics across the country, replacing shbamshch tsioden, extended the project also incorporated clinics, and regional divisions. Medical Corps has invested in a $ 1 million project, which will be used for the production of new furniture and dividing it between the bases. “The workspace in the clinic is the business card of medical corps before. Soldiers will experience poor wait condition in the field regional clinic will go to and thus lose a day of work. We save the army that money, “explained Nicola רס”ב.

Another innovation that comes in the wake of the move is transferring responsibility for the equipment by the battalion in charge of the clinic. The change is expected to prevent transportation of equipment when replacing the regiment personnel, operations and control the costs of tens of thousands of dollars. “This prevents abrasion of the equipment and keeping it for longer, as well as an increase in satisfaction of the soldiers. Now only remains to ensure that people do indeed retain their equipment, “says medical officer Col. Moshe pinkert Division 36. The medics who received the new equipment also had difficulty believing the change “that will give us the motivation and the ability to provide better treatment for soldiers,” said cpl. Yasmin, a clinic on the base stream. Lieutenant Colonel Danny mosheiov, Chief training and medical corps and responsible for the main project indicates that the course is conducted as part of the Chief’s decision to improve the medical service with an emphasis on the warriors. “Everyone wants to be part of the project, and we’ll take care of the soldiers accept the terms of service of the highest medical, wherever they serve,” said Lieutenant Colonel mosheiov.


Improved conditions in combat soldiers clinics

  • Improved conditions in combat soldiers clinics

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