Improved methods for the gunners in the Syria border.

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Always sophisticated radar will improve response time in the North and advanced meteorological systems improve shooting accuracy • “Eagle” battalion will for the first time סמג”דית

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מחבר: שחר רופין, אתר צה”ל

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In an era where the army cut of his powers, the changing battlefield requires units
Some of the swing era and the intensification. Such is the Eagle battalion, location and force meteorology of GoC army headquarters in the northern and southern borders, the last input special measures focusing on activities in the area. “The established order, in front of property
And invest significant resources in it, “the battalion commander, Lt. Col. Yigal rhythm.

The new input methods to help its activities to identify and report launches a missile trails. This parallel moved designed to reserve the regular Division responsible for activity look at Syria’s border.

The Regiment is part of the artillery corps, roles: he’s artillery units, spotter and produces high-quality weather data to the various units.
“Almost every unit, whether as Greece which is the long term, and although she-weaponry needed to get data from,” noted Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Yigal with site rate. in this framework, inaugurated the five months ago a new base camp headquarters ‘ Ramot Naftali.

Improved methods for the gunners in the Syria border.

Col. Yigal, rhythm. “Okmano versus need for space and resources are invested accordingly. Photo: RAM David NIR GAL, the IDF spokesperson

In the summer the first battalion will סמג”דית major force Efrat kaikov, from his Office of Commander northern command after former Navy fighter to change company positions on IDF Web site said the artillery officer Brig. Gen. Roy Riftin, because a” believe in gender equality and experience where for years. There is a lot of women warriors and there was the first operational Regiment סמג”דית.

The reason for the creation of the Regiment is the massive arming of Hezbollah, Hamas and Jihad in Syria-arming that increased the need for an appropriate response to the threat of missiles, rockets and mortars. Missiles, rockets and mortars are together in what they call: the steep trajectory “(תמ”ס). “The radar is used for operational activities, and allows scanning of gzrthiot events, the fish.

In addition to the led array radar, which is the basis for the battalion, ל’עיטם has new weaponry and a lot: first, the radar (long arm) in a future version-iosbo even as the volcano battalion upgraded version, which is “a strategic importance, which changes the image battle”, said Lieutenant Colonel rhythm. Secondly, the battalion put to operational activity the “Typhoon”, the new meteorology.
The system carries advanced navigation options and increases efficiency of the array. In addition, log on to the windscreen “Regiment”.

“Bottom line, the changes will allow Etam Regiment
To be relevant to the image battle, to create a more recent battle image and improve assistance to mtmarnot divisions, “explained Lieutenant Colonel rhythm. “With some it can be
To fire more accurately, so that we can be more flexible and will reduce the risk of injury
In ours. “



The technology

In General, one of the tasks is to locate the enemy dead launchers. Location of the play a significant role in the formation of the squad, allowing him to activate alarms. At the same time, provides the data to the central transport and intelligence–and actually helps a maneuvering divisions, which are in danger of immediately shot dead indiscriminately. Also, it is able to neutralize launch facilities.

In the new version there are some differences that change the rules of the game. “The new radar is State of the art in the world, with great accuracy and detection ability ranges. He is the technology, “said the IDF Battalion Commander website.

Improved methods for the gunners in the Syria border.

Balloon taorolgy, operated by a soldier of the regiment. “Almost every unit needs weather data operational activities.”

The Gospel that brings him Raz 4 battalion, joining also the introduction of a new system to meteorology. In fact, the playwright from the organic years. ה’טורנדו system replaced the antiquated system of his whirlwind in 2014. “Punctual meteorological data the firing of all makes
Fire. To need to know how the wind blows. This is particularly relevant in a world where the IDF
Faced with guerrilla squads and ordered army and secret, and thus for the attack to be exact “, specify the IDF commander site scales meteorology, Maj. Leroy benign.

‘ Typhoon ‘ ability to migrate data into arrays that require
Them, not receiving them מ’טורנדו-also the father and the mortar battalions of the living. On the mortar already successful experiment was conducted, with one battalion of divisions alive “also know to collaborate with than air force meteorological and cross-reference data with them, which will improve accuracy and availability”, said major benign.

Moreover, communications between the refinement measures so the weather doesn’t affect them. The transition from Lo-tech high-tech camps, Commander of the array. “The Typhoon system makes the radar’s precision and considers the weather”, concluded.

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