Improvement of combined troops in special populations

Audit branch now begins the year 2012. The focus of activity: increase involvement of commanders handling troops and improving the ttzpithnit terms of service

תאריך: 22/10/2012, 19:06    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Audit branch now (personnel department) stands in the summary activity. In focus: increasing personal treatment and improving the conditions of service of ttzpithnit. Achievements and developments presented in official documents of the branch network now. The Branch works year-round and perform audits in the various units of the IDF, according to predefined criteria and guidelines.

Following the reform, which was adopted by the ttzpithnit Chief last year, has improved significantly the condition ttzpithnit away. After discussions in the presence of Deputy Chief,
Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh and senior GoC army headquarters and combat intelligence collection Corps decided to improve the physical work conditions (by adding air conditioners, beds, etc.) and putting a doctor per unit. It also showed changes in vacation and motivation.

During several audits, audit branch is אכ”א that the ttzpithnit device to grow from five to six, which allows flexibility in terms of the holidays and hours of sleep.
At the same time, confirmed that each battalion combat collection was a physician. Furthermore, infrastructure in regimental
Combat intelligence collection have been improved and Heather ttzpithnit’s shell was compared to the Warrior.

“Choosing life”, has been tested in several steps to increase awareness, among them – reducing weapons availability website knowledge management tools Center Commander, the Commander’s involvement towards the soldier. Also, the cooperation is set to up (psychological first aid).

Meanwhile, stated in that interview topic is improved soldiers focusing on special populations. Innovation changes among stakeholders and facilitate the provision of an appropriate response to the soldiers in the unit. As part of these changes carefully in IDF units constantly engage in immigrant populations, inter alia by eliminating the adverse events related to human dignity. Recently agreed guidelines, which require the involvement of directly controls (relating to personal interviews and home visits), as well as the treatment, with an emphasis on economic aid and the requirement to furnish certificates – all this for serving specific populations in the IDF today charged each control to perform House calls for absorbing new immigrant soldier unit.

Meanwhile, the various units and individual committees. These are the factors, legends
The Adjutant and others, and their aim to identify in advance and which scenarios are likely to affect the functioning of the soldier. The committees, so specify in the audit industry, gathering chaired by Sir.

Translated from Hebrew