Improves with age: 7 Division innovation award

7th Armored Brigade, the Armored Division’s oldest, won the prize.
Innovation in training and performance quality of GoC army headquarters. Brain: “continue to prepare for war in the battlefield.”

תאריך: 20/12/2012, 10:42    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

Division training makeover 7: competition which included the women’s divisions, won the week 7th armored brigade of armored Corps training innovation award and the performance quality of GoC army headquarters. However, the Division Commander, said that “we continue to prepare for war – should remember that the test is in the field and at the awards. And how you choose to celebrate the Division winning the story?
Further training and regimental plugatis and practices.

A conversation with IDF website explained Brigade Commander Colonel Ian faith 7, that actually changed the process that occurs in the last year and a half, the focus and the way we practice in automated libraries. We are in training, staff level class to level of Division, methods, exercises and other areas.
“The process is very important and affect many units”.

In the faith by referring to the changes in these days in the field and
The dealing of the established Division with these changes. The main emphasis is fighting
In many areas the IDF required to deal with them, when each goal is different from each other.
“There’s always a dilemma between what was what you expect them to, and we want it to be true,” said. “we’re trying to figure out what the major things that have changed in the field, and how to simulate it best, while building a scenario of enemy capabilities, and what actions they can perform in Gaza, Syria or Lebanon, wherever it takes him.”

7th Armored Brigade, armor Division in the IDF, is one of the only women’s divisions work since the war of independence. Bshimosha, tank Merkava mark 2, considered obsolete among armored divisions, but the Division’s battle heritage and Valor of soldiers are the object of admiration for all the soldiers. The coming week is proof of the effectiveness of the Division not ended after 65 years. “The second Lebanon War I battalion 82, when the sides fought more advanced tanks. I think ultimately is not necessarily the type of tank is the one that counts. 7th armored brigade has proven throughout history to do the tasks in the best possible way, “added.

Translated from Hebrew