In a significant number of increase attacks in March

אדי ישראל, “מעריב”

The tension in Jerusalem and the warming in Gaza led to an increase in the number of terrorist incidents, especially rockets Israel. In the last month: 125 attacks, which killed two soldiers and another man.

תאריך: 01/04/2010, 14:18    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך

General security service today (Thursday) the sum of March,
From which indicate that a significant increase in the number of attacks in the past month: 125, compared with 53 in February. In the background to the rise in the number of attacks is the tension in Jerusalem
And the warming in the Gaza Strip, especially the increase in rocket attacks Israel.

The report’s figures indicate that an increase in the number of attacks in all sectors, especially in the Jerusalem area (27 attacks compared to 3 February) and in Gaza (36 attacks compared to 13 last month).

Last month, three people were killed in attacks from Gaza: two soldiers
IDF Maj. eliraz Peretz, the Golani Brigade 12 in his and cm sbiatkovsky z-tree killed in shooting attack on 26th March; Another person was killed from rocket
On 18 March, in the area of the Gaza Strip. Four Israelis were also wounded in shooting attacks: citizen and soldier in Jerusalem and two soldiers of the border line.

Further increase in relation to the rocket attacks, when during the month.
The latter were launched 35 rockets into Israel territory, six mortar shells were fired within 30.
Attacks compared to five rockets and five mortar shells were fired in February.

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