In assessing information security: challenges and itatzmo will follow in the coming year. “


In the information security significantly increased security checks for officers and soldiers during the past year. He also inaugurated the new array monitoring system that helps prevent leaked information in social networks

תאריך: 13/01/2013, 15:04    
מחבר: לי ירון, “במחנה”

The array of security information in the IDF have significantly increased the number of security checks for personnel exposed to sensitive information, according to industry data for 2012. Several polygraph tests, accordingly, increased by approximately 25% compared to the previous year.
Within four years, the number of polygraph testing is expected to multiply itself.

Unsubscribe indicate that in the past year, a significant improvement in the security process, inter alia through proper training in schools to intelligence officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers engaged in the field, in cooperation with the “multiple offenses in decline and most information not made in malice,” said the newspaper “bamahane” causes, which noted that “Despite this, the number of offences still wider and thus increased in the past year the extent of training on information security For soldiers and officers “.

The added chemical that leaked information risks and new threats on the subject on the agenda. “Strange enemy intelligence officials lead the ongoing effort to gather information on Israeli defense establishment and the IDF in particular,” said, “in this context are activated many tools for collecting information and last year we identified numerous efforts in the Cyber dimension and effort listening to IDF networks and phones. The estimates that these efforts will continue in 2013.

In this context, the connectors have launched in recent months, a new system that detects events potentially leaked information to the Internet. The system scan capability in various websites and social networks on Twitter and Facebook, and news sites.
In case of suspicion of leaked information, you receive an alert on the debt situation.

Translated from Hebrew