In combat intelligence collection lines: new weaponry and significant changes in the armed forces

Combat intelligence collection Corps matter: in the coming year for a Rifleman level canal, emphasis on improving combat fitness level, new weapons are inserted and updated the database soldiers of

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מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

In combat intelligence collection Corps: only comprehensive treatment in ttzpithnit conditions, the Rifleman to warriors and their physical improvement of serving in the coming period will be significant acquisitions in the field of Amal and the database will send. Introducing
The combat version collection.
The famous adage known as saying that the army is marching on his stomach, but if you face it, the majority of IDF forces on wheels. Recently launched “toy” twinkling “space storm”, it seems that the trend
Upgrade your mobility is spreading. Combat intelligence collection Corps plan is purchased new collection of “granite”, based on Ford model 550. ה”גרניט” מ”כמים and phase synchronous observation see all sector and targets. It is a safe, comfortable vehicle
More “raccoon” currently in force, and a recent operational best ה”גרניט” the tasks given to him and now are considering how and to what extent to keep his purchase at the big cuts in defense budget.

Other weapons are currently being materialized. Navy officials are looking for a mobile radar could, as is, to get around. Which joins the leading arm monitors project, seeking to stock up on monitors and recording systems ability to serve
As a lookout. One of the unique tsgons is their aesthetic – the Android tablets that are on the market. Dozens of first units will buy will come directly to the teams.

In new coach trainers in combat may also collect cell and allow more training under affection. As published in IDF site, allows ttzpithnit to learn their sectors and set up tours, event handling suspects.

Changes in the Corps

Here are the revolutions in the collection. At the last Conference of the force, revealed that the company will soon. Also planned for this new model balloons, which can cover distances faster and have an improved radar. Relatively old balloon Scouts replaced is to teach the next generation the upgraded control.

Another dramatic change associated with the structure. Troops and split -636, 414, as fragile, in half. For example, the battalion is currently stands on a cell surface, focus partly partly tainted and 80. Also discussions regarding this program still in progress and is
Depends, as with other projects, the priorities in the face of budget cuts.

Each of these permutations the hailit refreshes these days really. In regards to the processes in GoC army headquarters, written about ten תו”ל books lists and current combat intelligence collection Corps adapted to changes in military equipment, in terms of character and service, and database challenges of modern warfare. Already towards the end of the middle of 2012 will be the first transient to allow officers in the field to add idrbano and useful comments to the final versions. Among the episodes that are changed are the balloon, Bette, the March חמ”לי and many more.

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