In darkness

Maj. Oren, a classifier role intelligence, lost his sight in a
In Orhan. That didn’t stop him from continuing and the IDF – until a significant role at UM

תאריך: 18/08/2012, 21:13    
מחבר: רוזה ליסנינסקי, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

The year 2005, the 18th date in January, the Gaza Strip.
Designed lightning fastener training seminars and conducts routine arrests of Orhan I probably Gush Katif.
Hundreds of people detained at the checkpoint in order to locate. The route was closed and the detainees are sent to a tightening. How would you feel if you were in the same room with the prisoners, among them the bomber? A horrific explosion. One person was killed, a general security service encouraged Sharon and another officer was injured. The hearing officer compromised — and
Blind following the attack.

The year is 2012. Major, the same officer critically wounded in an attack in Orhan, sitting in front of your computer and follow the work divides the intelligence. The officer, books, produces a significant intelligence and supports the security of the State of Israel.

It is impossible to ignore ambient room routine, pinato lies a large guide dog.
“Blindness doesn’t keep anything from me,” says Maj. Oren, a capability known as unit
The sensitivity of information technologies through serving her. Only quality sites in its server and sorts them are difficult and challenging soldiers. The technology used in the unit allows them to receive people with their careers listening and harness them to intelligence activity and even soldiers and officers regarding blocks.

Maj. Oren says that “what is important is the result, and that ultimately can make dozens of roles, even if you are poor. Lieutenant Colonel, commanding the field technology, talks about the technology fit for Maj. Oren to serve as the core: “the goal of the program is to give people with disabilities to serve and influence in the army. I’m very pleased, we worry about security.

Lt.-Col. d. proud his subordinates who managed to allow the destruction of pine iachidtam Server core and sensitive role. “I’m proud of the people who helped and contributed to the development of the system. We help them to pine to produce significant intelligence, “it States.

Translated from Hebrew