In: Egyptian revolution led to an increase in the smuggling into Gaza

It is claimed in the report published by the General Security Service. According to the report, the Egyptian Chinese governance is not high, and this allows smugglers in Sinai to operate almost undisturbed and to smuggle weapons into the hands of terrorist organizations

תאריך: 12/05/2011, 23:11    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The General Security Service has today (Thursday) due to the expansion of the scope of the phenomenon of smuggling weapons into the Gaza Strip, into the hands of terrorist organizations.

According to the timeline, allowing the introduction of contraband into Gaza, Amal relatively easily passes in the Sinai Peninsula, where the smugglers engaged life a living smuggling. The potential threat to Israel, the advent of “standards and quality” of weaponry to Gaza Strip, given the fact that due to increasing the power of the Egyptian Sinai governance is not high, and this allows smugglers
In the Sinai to operate almost undisturbed.

The report noted that the smuggling phenomenon, which has increased after the end of operation cast lead, based on the wishes of terrorist organizations of the Islamic Hamas to obtain weaponry “devices”, allowing them a significant cognitive achievement in future conflict against Israel. So, using a wider neck injury (usually, increasing the range of rockets) and dealing in the field opposite.

GSS indicate that Iran is arming effort because it wants
To deepen its influence in the Palestinian system and among the Palestinian terrorist organizations, expresses support for “resistance camp” in providing quality “standards” of weaponry to terrorist organizations.
The report indicates that the main axis of the smuggling of weapons into Gaza is based on moving from Iran to Sudan, Sudan Egypt-Sinai and to the Gaza Strip. “Iran is involved
Directly supplying Hamel and coordinated transfer and move to the Gaza Strip.

GSS indicate that beginning in 2010 had been smuggled in this route many hundreds of standard rockets (mostly long ranges of 20 and 40 km), 1,000 mortar shells, dozens of (individual) of anti-tank missiles, tons of raw materials and devices חנ”ם to produce חנ”ם the report said that in the space station, before the introduction of contraband into Gaza, Amal are running local infrastructures of smugglers. Most residents of the Sinai Bedouin
The aabrachot are used as a source of income for them. These infrastructures are purchased and move from the Egypt-Sudan border to the border of the Gaza Strip.

According to, before the riots and exchanges of Egypt operating regime to prevent smuggling Hamel, by promoting engineering projects at the border with the Gaza Strip, such as “wall steel underground” (which was not yet completed) and sensors. Egyptian activity did not significantly reduce the extent of the smuggling to the Gaza Strip, mainly due to technical difficulties. Today focused the attention of Egyptian authorities in stabilizing new Government, facilitating the smugglers in Sinai work.

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