“In examining the establishment of a new integrated control power on land and air

תא”ל דוד סוויסה. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

This revealed the main artillery officer Brig. Gen. David Suissa, at the Conference. He said that in response the environment variable must be based also on the firing of rockets

תאריך: 22/05/2012, 10:18    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

The main challenges facing the army reviewed fire session today (Tuesday) by the Chief artillery officer (קתמ”ר), Brigadier General David Suiza international fire Conference held today.

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According to קתמ”ר, closer cooperation with the air force, for the purpose of maximizing
The capabilities, is one of the topics that are in rapid development and secure.
“The ability to take over intercontinental air formation in a coordinated fashion is crucial. We are leading two principles for strengthening “, said Brig. Gen. Suiza,” Commander needed overland Angers integrated space and be responsible for both air and ground assault.
In addition, we are working to build air traffic infrastructure for regular combat space. “

Another major issue which he stressed developing katm value rockets to cope with challenges in distances of hitting the targets relative immunity, such as underground passages. A few weeks ago revealed that rocket battalion to use precision weapons for attacks on other buildings by geography and terrorist supporters are urban area, enter a task in the general interest, Suiza rocket noted as one of the main principles for redesigning the response required in the environment variable.

SUISA General noted that “the urban environment, the challenges of the subterranean tunnels, and requires new solutions. For this purpose we reinforce the value of the aircraft models, growing every day, both in ability and in quantity, and that allows us quick closings of circles “.

Referring to adjusting and meteorology, said קתמ”ר that the challenge is” to know exactly what each sector was shot and where, even when very large quantities, and today we have advanced radar which is already giving us that ability. “

In addition, Brig. Gen. Suissa to improve, possibly reaching ranges with fire land per region in enemy territory. “We put emphasis on the development of fire smoke in
The urban area, and also focus on the monitoring subject-for combat scenes across enterprise
Terrorism, moving between shelters and civil environment. The ability to track is critical, and we focus on developing.

Translated from Hebrew