In examining the incentives packages in the framework of the South aisle.

Set server to pass South are expected to receive the benefits.
At the same time, set in the 80th to receive payment for the rent in any period of service in the area.

תאריך: 07/01/2013, 17:10    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Following the IDF South passage these days tested the benefits in terms of service. Among the subjects: the issue of accommodations and packages and personnel incentives. “IDF South laor beyond change in thinking about the benefits to soldiers who live far from where they serve,” said the IDF head of individual site in southern command Chief, Maj. asidon. “Due to the move to the South with many changes in transport, has been faster, we are working on different distance calculation according to receive the benefits in terms of service,” noted.

Moreover, the alanot also handled these days by the individual.
In fact, following the South many servants are entitled to Helena for reasons of distance, and thus at the soldier built additional accommodation along with examining the issue. Beside that, it also subjects the expected incentives be given to servants of the order for permanent transfer to the South with their families, and they also expect to receive the benefits.

Besides the South, even in the 80th made many changes in recent years with the establishment of the West and regional divisions. So far, the permanent members serving in the Eilat area have paid rent on condition that their family moved into town whenever they serve Division. But this benefit was restricted to seven years, which created inconvenience for permanent job remained to serve in 80th years beyond. Therefore, beginning in 2012
Removed the limit, and now they are slaves to earn permanent improving of housing as long as they are serving in the Division.

Meanwhile, in charge of the servants, and changes made in the field of insurance. Before the health, life and personal accidents was taken automatically from the permanent personnel salary, while in 2012 that any permanent server should set aside funds for these types directly. “Friend” has made agreements with insurance companies
To achieve low-cost, attractive conditions and conducted conferences for all the servers in all units in which the transferred information about the transition, and allow them to compare insurance stalls placed instead.

Translated from Hebrew