In his Cobra “-partner in operational activities

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In recent years the Cobra helicopters took part in the ongoing operational activities, including many airstrikes against terrorist centers in the Gaza Strip

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In 1974, following the 1973 Yom Kippur war, the air force needed an answer.
Against two serious problems: the protected areas action anti-aircraft missiles, and curbing armor serial
That are in motion. Combat helicopters were seen as a possible solution to both problems. The air force was experienced in operating armed helicopters, transport helicopters, but it was averted not received full operational use after examining several helicopters, Cobra is initialized successfully in Vietnam, as a suitable solution, and the pilots began the course turned him one of American military bases. At the same time, the air force acquired a number of AH-1 g helicopter from marine to force excess them.

Then the air force decided to establish a unit to test
The suitability of a Cobra helicopter to the IAF. Among the cancelled task unit examining the helicopter’s performance and development principles operational functioning. In April 1975 the six helicopters landed in Israel “first battle horses and bags in the Vietnam war. They came equipped with a machine gun 7.62 mm inigen, 40 mm grenade launcher, a machine gun, 20 mm clearance at the wing root and a 70 mm rockets carried under the wings. On 13 May 1975 took the Israeli helicopters struck a maiden flight in the country.

Over the years, crashed four Cobra helicopters type. In September 1985 the Cobra helicopter crashed in the sea of Galilee and the crew was rescued safely. On 18 March 1987 killed Squadron “Cobra”, Lt. Col. tzion bar-or, when his helicopter fell from a height of 300 feet and crashed due to a technical malfunction. The pilot, Lt. Col. Yuval Wagner, was seriously injured. On 15 March 2008, Cobra helicopter crashed into the sea during a training flight off the coast of Netanya, a result of a technical malfunction. Brig. Gen. Samuel unveiling Eldar, Commander, 2nd Lt. palmahim Ilan Gur were killed. On 10 September 2008, Cobra helicopter crashed near Kibbutz Ginegar, minutes after its departure from Ramat David airbase. Two IAF pilots, Yuval Holtzman
Negro, wee. On 26 Jul 2010 came reports of a relationship with ch-lose while training in Romania. For the first time in the history of the fatal accident, force away from home, and the helicopter crew perished: Colonel Daniel ipnbaur, Lt.-Col. Abner Goldman, major diamond, Maj. Lior Shai, Capt. NIR lakarif, Kola and Sgt.-major Romanian observer Captain Stefan Claudio dragna.

In recent years, Cobra helicopters took part in operational activities.
Viper pilots practiced collaborating closely with ground forces in a variety of training. They accompanied operational land forces in the Palestinian Authority, carried out targeted killings of terrorists attacks of operation defensive shield operations, “Rainbow ו”ימי “. In “operation cast lead” ו”עמוד” participated in numerous airstrikes against terrorist centers in the Gaza Strip.

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