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אילוסטרציה: גל נג’רי, דובר צה”ל

From the IDF’s latest environmental protection Conference for a week.
The environment to be held in March. “The goal is to raise awareness of the issue across the IDF and to be our ‘ Embassy”, said responsible for a domain

תאריך: 14/01/2011, 13:41    
מחבר: אמנון דירקטור

In early March soon supposed to exist in the nature and environmental awareness. This week (Sun) held Preparatory Conference, an event which was attended by more than 1500 that IDF units education. During the day was really
The concept of environmental protection education in each loaded ב”סל” educational tools to migrate units tasks. The Conference led education and Youth Corps in charge of implementing the subject alone.

Dealing with the subject of environmental protection is relatively new in the IDF in 2007 it was decided to establish
The environmental education within the education and Youth Corps (Moree area), which is the authority in צה”לית. Environmental education is an integral part of the IDF orders and educational concept in this context.

Also, Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, Chief of staff-encourage important activities in the four years of his term-clear environmental protection week held last year that “the security body of the State, we are obliged to preserve landscapes and even the country’s resources and the historical and environmental values.

The Conference opened in the Education Department blessings, Colonel Marcel assulin, who presented the concept of the right to the protection of nature and the environment. “the army has a big impact on the soldiers, and therefore we are committed to educating them to preserve nature and the environment, on the ancient sites and heritage sites. The aim of this week is to increase the responsibility and initiative among IDF soldiers and commanders when it comes to preserving the quality of the environment “,

Today, unlike the past, the environmental issue is on the public agenda and him growing. It begins in kindergarten. Young children learn about environmental protection and are those that require parents to recycle and conserve the environment in different ways.
“We as an army environmental surveillance is part of the scale values, should continue
Same sequence starts already in education schools, “explained assouline.

Assouline referred in remarks also fire that occurred on Mount Carmel and steps taken to rebuild the region. “We are in intensive work with the nature and Parks Authority and think how soldiers will help in the rehabilitation of the site”, found. As is well known, at the time of the disaster, the IDF was an integral part of the fire and rescue forces and many units took part in the rescue and firefighting efforts.

But awareness of the infection.

After the opening of the רמ”ח education, held a lecture of רמ”ד Moor area, Maj. Victor Weisz, IDF and environmental theme. Weiss introduced the right of education data and trends relating to the environmental situation in the country and abroad.
“The population grows, humans consume, the infection continues to grow and the world is getting smaller,” noted major Weiss.

52% of the State of Israel are affected in one way or another from the IDF and the security forces. Hence arises the responsibility subject to environmental protection. “The army
Potential for significant impact on the environment. “The goal is to raise awareness of the issue across the IDF and to be our ‘ Embassy ‘, contact Maj. Weiss to Sun.

I asked my cell environmental education, Captain Moore, is IDF applies a change in subject. “There are places that happens and fewer places. Ultimately it depends on people
And we’re here to open their minds, “she retorted.

Environmental protection week the IDF held between 6.3-6.4 throughout IDF, and during the week there will be tours, guided tours, lectures and many other activities.
Until then the IDF’s education work hard to get on the agenda the importance of preserving the environment.

Translated from Hebrew