“In most words, Sayeret Matkal do in secret intelligence.”

התמונות באדיבות ארכיון צה”ל ומערכת הביטחון

Although it’s been 40 years, operation to liberate a Sabena plane abductions “continues to resonate in the origins of Sayeret Matkal rare pictures that are exposed for the first time, open the hatch to the action also” unit

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מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

“Most of the Sayeret Matkal engaged her in secret intelligence operations,” explains retired Maj. Gen. Danny Yatom, a former unit “. Forty years ago this week, the Cruiser left the shadows and remote fought in broad daylight in the heart of the country, the operation Israel carried him whole look. “Sabena” action “was a huge success, the first time in history. However, if one day I opened the unit operations record, there will be a lot of things also means “, means an orphan.

Until then, Sabena flight 571 “company” of “Black September” continues to serve as a window of only rare that time after time from Gaza and WINS.

“In most words, Sayeret Matkal do in secret intelligence.”

Free Warriors team after

On May 8th 1972, deep in the Negev desert, the radio of Danny Yatom, Deputy Commander of the unit at the time supervising training series, colutea took command of all the forces and to the base. On the way they receive orders to change Greece towards the airport who later read on there. “From the moment I heard about the abduction was no doubt the task plane hijack laid upon us, an orphan. Contrary to allegations that Sabena operation playtime was “is
This led to the anti-terror mission of Sayeret Matkal, head of the Institute for intelligence and special positions former “stresses that before 1972 was” power Cruiser perform very complex אג”מיים.

As an example that allowed for publishing is indicates the RAID on Beirut airport, where planes bombed Lebanese fighters as they were marching on the main paratrooper officer authority, Lieutenant General (Ret.), Rafael (“raful”) dressed in a sample, “to match the status of visiting the place.

“When I arrive at the airport in Lod I met Barack, Commander of the unit, and a very large bustle, orphan,” arrived just before landing. We have no idea of the amount
The terrorists. The only thing we know is that most of the passengers are Jews or Israelis. ” With the trailer landing plane that terrorists who threaten to blow it up on its occupants with no released hundreds of Fatah, ropes to a remote corner of the airport, isolated for operational action option.

“You have to understand that with all our experience in handling complex cases, it was an unusual scenario that never practiced it. The plane is scene and complicated. Built from scratch, within hours, the character (combat theory.) and drill, but lack of knowledge didn’t matter to warriors. Nobody thought to give in to the demands.
Our responsibility is to prepare a military operation, do it and succeed. And that’s what interests us and guide us. That’s how we were educated, “explains an orphan.

“In most words, Sayeret Matkal do in secret intelligence.”

Rebel sabotage of the plane.

All night long, remote airport hangar, training Cruiser fighters on an airplane model. “We had planned to go to a human pyramid of people each
And attract the wings. Inside planned to use .22 Beretta revolvers, pistols, miserable because we were afraid the environment in General and to blow up the fuel tanks by mistake “.
Despite some allegations were raised in the past, the orphan said that “to say we didn’t use guns? It is unthinkable that the commando unit did not know how to use a gun, but it’s true that our main weapon was an Uzi. “

The next day, on two different occasions, Recon warriors sautéed, but returned at the last minute. Orphan describes that “the atmosphere is tense because of the question marks, the difficulties and uncertainty on how the ring inside the plane would blow up explosive belts. But as we left a lot of promotions before, employer. What we focus on is to do the best I can. “

At 2:00 p.m. in the bustling airport activity, while government officials negotiating in order to exhaust the terrorists and to extract information, failing to change the modus operandi. Hide to technicians, the fighters will patrol plane to see him before he takes off after the prisoner exchange. ” The guerrillas agree.
When they are sitting on suitcases, their cars dangling from tsddihan, toto guns under the robe, patrol fighters into the unknown.

The first release of hostages from a plane.

On 16 slices the late spring in the other router for Ehud Barak, the Chief of patrol. All leaving the pitch link tools which it uses as part of ahathazot to the mechanics, and wanted her position, trying to break through the door she intended.
The plan: who will succeed to break-disarm the terrorists. “Sayeret Matkal” by zonder describes how Mordechai rachamim, old planes and reserve unit,
Broke and started to conduct a shootout along the passage, because the squad followed by scream
Stunned passengers down. Inspired by the martial arts he shoots, tunnel bends under the seat, and it line by line, until he closed up the terrorists and shot him at close range.

At the same time, beginning with the breakout attempt by the coefficients of an orphan, is sent to them. She holds a gun triggers an 11 mm caliber ammunition. “These were real guns, restore an orphan. The squad’s first hit and kicked the ladder.
As shithom climbs to catch immediately and to break in, he sees through the window of one of the terrorists. “I understand this is an opportunity, and releases. Toto ball through the first layer of the double window of the plane, but he falls in the Middle, unable to get through
The second layer. Orphan warriors struggling to open the door. “I don’t remember anything
That happened around the same seconds, the entire mission focus, the adrenaline of temples, each
Just want to get in. ” Finally untethered from the inside by. As they break in they already capture the gripping grenades suicide bombers lack safety and ask

About ninety seconds, 2nd shrikato of the terrorists killed two intoxicated female suicide bombers, explosive belts threat neutralized. Before passengers see Sayeret Matkal, completes the first release of hostages from a plane, that is still considered one of the best in the world.

“In most words, Sayeret Matkal do in secret intelligence.”

The only fighters at the airport.

“Morale was high, an orphan on the seconds the understanding Hauteur,” it was clear after a minute and a half success was unusual. It felt tremendous satisfaction to
Facing uncertainty level. Would you risk yourself to prevent execution of human beings
Innocent just because they are Jews and Israelis. Beyond contributing to the protection of civilians, children, women, we also contributed a very large contribution to IDF deterrent. “

Sunny patrol fighters the adrenaline starts to help download the bewildered citizens, who were seated on the plane knowing that a prisoner exchange deal is brewing until the voices and breached the open space of waxed in the aircraft. Within days of starting inquiries unit and senior visits, reaching its peak in reception at President ל”מלאכים in white, as were all of a sudden flood of media coverage the Warriors used to work so far away from the eye. In an autobiographical book, “secret partner”, says orphan, how after years of activity in the unit where he revealed his serve following published newspaper photograph after the operation.

Orphan indicates that because of the complexity of the scene, how the fighters acted then, 40 years ago, has not been changed fundamentally the way in which we can respond to the challenge that terrorism today. “Mostly you can learn today from this operation regarding the wind,” he said. “The desire to perform the task at all costs, creativity in the construction of the plan. Ultimately this race-ready to predict at the enemy, and the ability to adapt quickly to changes.

“In most words, Sayeret Matkal do in secret intelligence.”

The operation also didn’t let the patrol be days of rest on our laurels.
“Right after the operation, we’re going back to a very intensive activity”, an orphan highlights booming. “Very, very broad. Operation came operation. Many of these operations,
Saying they were orphan against fighters not operational scenario. “Almost anything.
Was the first thing that you do. Many of these operations, he says, can overshadow the boldness of unprecedented Sabena.

Translated from Hebrew