In new year: 28 tons of apples, 3 tons of honey – and plenty of prepared

The IDF completed preparations for the new year for a holiday in IDF fare on rich and varied menu for Thanksgiving for IDF forces in various bases

תאריך: 27/09/2011, 15:37    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Throughout the IDF are preparations for the new year to tomorrow (Wednesday). For a holiday in IDF fare on a rich and varied menu for Christmas dinner. Under the items of which will benefit soldiers on Christmas Eve, a inopeco army dining rooms: 9 tons of fish and 500 stuffed fish cutlets units, 22 tons, India 17 tons of chicken and 16 tons of beef.

As part of the holiday tradition, will be provided to 28 ton units, apples iitablo tradition
Approximately 3 tonnes of honey is sweet and juicy. In addition, be provided to 45,000 units began dining rooms, 2 tone braided dried fruits, pomegranate 5.5 tonnes and 6 tonnes yellow dates.
For dessert, the meal will be provided 7 tons of gingerbread and rich.

The IDF invested most resources to enable soldiers to make Tishrei as left and enjoy a rich and delicious holiday stationed, submarines, missile boats and the standing of the IAF.
This year, as every year, divided into 250 holiday characters
$ Lone soldiers and soldiers are entitled to family allowances. In addition, there will be Christmas Eve meals in schools across the country.

Even at that, like the rest of the year, IDF commanders and soldiers for holding on, in situation, observations, saves, pillboxes, and passes at the checkpoints
And allow citizens of Israel celebrate the holiday sanctifying.

IDF soldiers and commanders wish all with Israel and a happy holiday!

Translated from Hebrew