In person: meeting between a graduate student captains to enlist.

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Amit Yosef, would join the Naval Academy still doesn’t know what awaits him. To relieve the concerns at all, met him with the Cadet track and accept leadership ranks.

תאריך: 02/03/2016, 20:00    
מחבר: ברית אלמוג, אתר צה”ל

Backwards: just before Amit Yosef, security service (Lesh) will join the prestigious captains course, met him with a final end Caramon Cadet today. Between the exciting ceremony, found time to talk with fellow Cadet, give some tips for recruitment and to relieve the concerns; What command sea between them.

What physical and mental preparation requires the course? “, asks a colleague.

“This course requires a lot of physical and mental strength, that will help you run and do a lot of strength exercises,” said.  “The efforts are building gradually and, of course, not necessarily depends on how fast you run in. The difficulty stems primarily from delay in the cold water, because you’re wet and you fatigue and stress, “says a and also reassure the group consolidation, strength of mind and will power are those that allow you to cross the physical part.

In person: meeting between a graduate student captains to enlist.

“What challenges await me in class.

Sea arm operates silently and confidential, it’s impossible to talk about many parts of the course because of it, “explained end Caramon Cadet. “What made me come to this course despite the uncertainty was the told me that day in naval cruisers choose the best commanders in the IDF. Now I understand how this is true. I learned what makes sea ship, what the warriors do what my job as the Commander in all this. Autgreti during the course and done things I never thought I could. I went through a lot of challenges, but also physical challenges too, including learning and familiarity with complex combat systems for a limited time. It is impossible to understand without experience, you should be ready to challenge yourself and experiment with things I never did. “

“Not only Naval Academy graduate, is one of the well-known sayings on the course, reflecting the importance of companies during the course.

“Companies will not hurt the athrothiot class and pressure?”

“The membership allows you to get through the course, and who don’t understand that don’t survive the course,” replied karmon ending Cadet. “You learn that excellence and achievement don’t create competition, and your success doesn’t come at the expense of others. Friends from home are an important part of your ability to succeed, and that parental support is enabling you to continue even in difficult moments. “

Despite the intensity, the length and the challenges set course, Cadet “certainly end Caramon naval escorts in difficulty and requires investment, but it pays off.”

Translated from Hebrew