In preparation for Passover: UM warn soldiers about vacations 40 countries in the world.

נמל התעופה בן גוריון. צילום: “במחנה”

Operations Directorate warned soldiers and officers from travelling to some countries around the world and are areas in India, Thailand, Kenya and the Philippines.

תאריך: 22/03/2012, 12:22    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Defense and security branch in the Operations Directorate published today (Thursday) the list of prohibited countries to drive, next to Nissan, holidays in long holidays of multi-language IDF officers and soldiers to vacations abroad.
In EM said that “recently, we have witnessed several bombing attempts of your opponent against Israeli targets and Israeli tourist centers and thus sharpened the prompts.

Alongside the Member States are not allowed to drive, recently received the Operations Directorate General information about terrorist organizations intent to harm Israeli tourists centers in the Mediterranean. In light of this information, ordered the defense and security to have high sensitivity and alertness in tourist and recreational areas, to reject proposals and tempting – expected within the business and entertainment districts, to reject invitations to unexpected meetings (mainly in remote locations and dark) and avoid getting a hotel room or in the living room.
Visit suspects or unpredictable.

The list of prohibited countries to officers and soldiers in non-duty travel contains about 40 countries, including Azerbaijan, Iran, Egypt (including the Sinai Peninsula), Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq, Tunisia and Turkey. The list also includes some areas in countries around the world, defined as dangerous. The areas include the island Mindanao in the Philippines, Kashmir in India, the coastline in Kenya, Thailand and southern Chechen bomber.

The Department of Defense and the Operations Directorate made it clear that for the other countries of the world according to information security credentials, personal certificate from Commander according to the personal security issue briefs that will be transferred. Exceptional credentials, to drive the countries included in the list, will be granted only by the Defense Department or head of operations, subject to
A letter from the Commander, with the rank of Colonel and above, with detailed reasons.

The list of prohibited countries onto the reservation by Operations Directorate in close for Passover, is equivalent to the current travel warnings list obtained by the National Security Council.

Translated from Hebrew