In response, the IDF attacked rocket: terrorist facilities in Gaza

Israeli aircraft struck a weapons manufacturing site and terror tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip. More than 270 rockets fired at Israel since the beginning of the year 2012

תאריך: 04/06/2012, 05:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

List of aircraft of the Israeli air force attacked during the night (Monday) for manufacturing weapons and terror tunnel in the northern Gaza Strip. Accurate vulnerability detected and where our planes carry out their goals safely to their bases.
The attack is a response to the steep track towards Israel territory. Since the beginning of the year 2012 Israel fired more than 300 rockets.

Last night, Israeli aircraft struck three air weapons production sites in central Gaza Strip and two tunnels, one in the northern Gaza Strip and one in the South – in response to the shooting that took place last Friday near the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip, killed staff sergeant Nathaniel aadi was his creature sites belong.
Both the terrorist organization Hamas “and” Islamic Jihad “.
The IDF did not suffer any
An attempt to harm the citizens of the State of Israel and IDF troops and will continue to act against all causes
That terrorism against the State of Israel. Hamas is a terrorist organization and address.

Translated from Hebrew