In response to Beersheba: radial attack IDF Gaza terror.

Israeli aircraft attacked the night launching site in the northern Gaza Strip
And offensive tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip. Accurate vulnerability detected in all our planes carry out their objectives in which to base

תאריך: 15/03/2012, 00:26    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

List of aircraft of the Israeli air force attacked during the night (v) launch site in northern Gaza Strip offensive tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip. Accurate injury detected. All
From where our planes carry out their safely to their bases.
On Wednesday night, Israeli aircraft struck two terrorist centers in the northern Gaza Strip. Accurate vulnerability detected.

During the past week, Israel fired more than 200 rockets. 56 fighters intercepted by iron dome battery, out of 73 rockets posed at population centers in Israel. In air force strikes in the last round of escalation, 26 Palestinians were injured, including 22 terrorists par excellence. Four bystanders were hurt due to the fact that terrorist organizations choose to operate from the civilian population in Gaza, used as human shields.

The IDF is ready to protect the citizens of the State of Israel and to react strongly and firmly against any attempt to remove terrorist activity.
Which exploit other terrorist organizations to commit terrorist acts against the State of Israel, will be responsible for any future action it chooses to take in order to remove the threat of terrorism and return the relative quiet.

Translated from Hebrew