In response to cyber threats: more “warriors” to cyberspace

“Cyber shield” signed two cycle for training soldiers to defend Israeli systems in computer service Directorate plans to expand to three courses each year: “cyber threats and the shades”

תאריך: 24/01/2013, 17:55    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Last week, the second cycle of “Cyber shield” to protect the device from the core systems in cyberspace. At the graduation ceremony of the course, which lasted several months, was the first to carry the Cyber mask adult “. The course will be in the various Army-Navy, air force, and the wings & intelligence.

“These days the IDF bases himself in new operational dimension that is evolving,” said Commander cyber defense during his speech at the ceremony. “Cyber threats and shades –
Starting from hackers and their political enemies. The IDF has developed the understanding that requires new approach that brings to the fore an answer to the major gaps that existed in existing protection concept. Cyber Shield training was born as part of the evolving perception and
Need to reinforce the defence line.

This course trained soldiers at high powers, which have been carefully selected from among the applicants.
Many. As part of the prestigious, which lasts beyond three years of compulsory service, they are expected to serve in the set.

“The course graduates choose a meaningful service which includes a permanent service, which deserves its own assessment when an individual needs are before all needs,” said Commander
Cyber defense. “The dedicated, professional personnel and a different vision for the detection, identification and response.

The first cycle of the course was completed in may 2012, and in a few months is expected to start another cycle, when the goal is to increase the Cyber defenders through three cycles per year.

Translated from Hebrew