In: saluting the annual event recruits

This is the seventh year that the Israel Defense Forces, “and the Association” friends of the gala evening for 1. The celebrations will open “mobile line”
Offer to prospective information available about recruitment

תאריך: 03/07/2011, 13:33    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

IDF Club “and” friends of the Israel Defense Forces, will also change
The official salute to the event it recruits for fundraising cycles. The event will take place on Tuesday night in Ganei Yehoshua Tel Aviv, especially opened an information centre of “unit” (), which includes dozens of computer stations, where they talk to recruits who can serve different applications as part of the recruitment process.

At the same time held and festive events in which artists appear Lior narkis, fish
Snake, Roni dalumi, ninet Tayeb, “a star is born”, Albina, to Tabori, Naor Urmia, Guy oblch and others.

The event, which has become a tradition, the seventh year, and thousands are expected to participate
Youth. The main purpose is to encourage army recruitment and to provide vital information and prospective about military service, before you begin the official process in line.
As mentioned above, in order to facilitate recruitment of teenagers to come to the Festival, under the cooperation of and association with troops (line) will be placed in a place of huge information center, where dozens of position information and they can get information about the stones, to submit requests, to receive an explanation of sorts for courses, reserve, sorts to cruisers and elite units, special service and recruitment.

Also meet teenagers instead of dozens of different troops, soldiers serving now in specific units, and will be able to see directly from the experience and service experience. The Festival will also include performances by military bands, food and drink and sales prices.

The event invited all future recruits conducted July 2011 to may 2012 from across the country who can enter free with presentation of the invitation they received in the mail or identification.

Yedidya, Chairman of the Association, said that “new army recruits
Who will protect us in the next three years. We appreciate their willingness to serve in the IDF, and thus we salute them before the draft special Act. Friends of the Israel Defense Forces will continue to embrace them and work for them until the end of their service.

Translated from Hebrew