In sum, the Navy “pillar”: “took an active part in the hostilities.”

Some significant terrorist targets attacked by the IDF in Gaza during the operation were not only air but also from the sea. סטי”ל Commander who fought in operation:
“Contributed significantly to the success”

תאריך: 28/11/2012, 11:50    
מחבר: לי בן-נתנאל, חיל הים

Rocket ships and look for the Navy took part in operation “page
Cloud, attacking terrorist targets in Gaza, in addition to air force activities. During the operation, thanks to precise intelligence and cooperation between the air force, the Navy, damaged more than 1,500 terrorist targets.

The high motivation of warriors and giusy reserves contributed to the nature of the operation.
And ultimately its success. “It takes time to understand who you really are, and what is practiced for a long time makes for the real thing, but when you give the name 100% yours, a symbol being a fighter squadron three in operation. “The operation was certainly the most significant export for every soldier on the ship to do during his service. It feels good to know that I have nothing to contribute to a campaign.

As part of the reserve alignment, recruited many fighters for the Navy, too. Reserve officer, second lieutenant baseline Dolev Ohayon, tells that “every morning I received phone calls and messages from many fighters asked maybe today you need? I go to each role. The motivation for the stabilization was enormous. ” Major estate (RES) Elam, who lives in the North, to his role as an officer of arms in zirati command post
Navy. “Feel my contribution to the war effort, as coordinator of the attacks and what weapons to use,” he explains.

Major estate, Commander sets ” to participate in the operation, explained that ultimately any activity done during the recent operation for residents of the South. “The naval technologies
Very high seas, fighting systems developed to get the level of hostilities and allow us scope of maneuver and can remain far from land, “he concludes,” 3 and naval flotilla at all did an amazing job on sale and they had a very central part in hostilities and restore peace to the lives of residents of the South. “

Translated from Hebrew