In testing a new vest that will be used by the fighters.

עמוס חלפון, “במחנה”

Weaponry Department in GoC Army conducts these days in advanced experiments which should replace the West that soldiers wear. It offers enhanced evaporation capacity and weight distribution between the waist to shoulders preferred

תאריך: 17/04/2010, 17:47    
מחבר: אמנון דירקטור

Weapons Department in GoC Army currently working on West’s experiment advanced new divisions will IDF live and replaces the previous.
The West is designed for carrying personal equipment is “sitting” on ceramic protection, protects the upper body against weapons and explosives and is a type of body armor. The need to replace the West cost due to take Lebanon war and operation cast lead – were all individual claims system is great in itself, but together created awkwardness.

“The West alone, besides the protection bag alone costs-to pursue three
The systems work together as a whole, “explains Josh רמ”ד glester, major equipment.

The new vest developed in cooperation of GoC army headquarters and technological and Logistics Directorate, and it enables combining ceramic protection (hard armor) with enhanced evaporation of dividing the weight better between the waist to the shoulder of the Warrior.

GAD what-graduated from the Academy of art and design at Bezalel and masters in product design, a unique company that specializes in product development, product design, research and more. Among other things, the company is developing weapons and also the army his studies-good sign to find a way to prevent physical damage caused to soldiers as a result of carrying weight. According to him, the soldiers carry unhealthy weight and that affects their functioning. “I have to find proper ways to prevent injury to a soldier due to carrying weight and allow him to function and to carry out its tasks in an optimal way,” he explains in his research.

Weaponry Department did this week (Wed) the experiment in combat engineering soldiers.
The tloviti to really combat equipment Department, Sergeant Jonathan yakovzon, responsible for examining the vests in several different units: companies novices, advanced training, גדס”ר, special units and more. He explained the important points about them need to examine soldiers ‘ vests with comfort: West (weight, Warrior, and sweat evaporation) with protection as the integration with carriers and Peck, and of course the resistant (training, fighting and 9). “The aim is to get as much information from operators on the West so we know what to fix and where to improve for specify that experiment.

We arrived at roughnecks fighters galloping “combat engineering corps. The soldiers were given questionnaires that included questions on satisfaction of option, for example: discomfort, suitability carried the body, and sweat evaporation and more. Sgt. Michael ozerov, told that the new loost has advantages and disadvantages. He explained that on the one hand is easier and take
The sweat and then there are some things that require improvement and who is in no hurry to part with the old West.

All the lessons, in particular, be taken into account in planning the ultimate solution: “If the individual soldier in the field don’t want, we did something wrong. We are doing our best to prevent such a situation, even if it means additional costs or delay the schedule indicates Yoav.

Translated from Hebrew