In the -8200 environment.

Originally, a secret side unit 8200 of the importance of preserving the environment, focused on “green” topics that combined along with General safety topics

תאריך: 04/10/2012, 16:46    
מחבר: אופיר הגלילי

Unit 8200 of the intelligence wing of the month not only divides Israel security operations, but also the importance of protecting the environment. Four years in unit with safety week “but this year, due to overworking, decided to give the emphasis to environmental protection. For five days the complex unit was established with the issue and the only soldiers have experienced them, plus sessions heard lectures and theory on civil bodies-such as “igoden,” “amnir ו”חירייה “.

“Four years ago we realized that the soldiers itoodao the importance of safety and environmental protection, not enough lectures, they should feel in my legs,” explained רמ”ט
Unit 8200, Colonel j. 450 soldiers who hit the compound daily, were experiencing
Full sensory: Union Station that allows soldiers to drive a car that simulates a situation, when a soldier sitting next to the driving instructor teacher how out of him gets. ”
The officer came to me and told me his will in the rain, the car began to slide and he managed to get out of it only what I teach in training “, said Colonel j.

The company also enlisted to explain to soldiers about conserving precious natural resources and energy savings. “Our biggest goal for this weekend is to raise awareness of environmental protection,” said major, “soldiers have the ability to give.
Tools and bring it up to, this is in their hands. “

This week marked a success, major j. and education officer of the unit, Captain a. already markers
Goals for next year: “we want to cooperate with the Herzliya municipality and create compost which get all wet waste from the base. At the end of each day the municipality take it and use it for like. So both sides benefit and soldiers often to learn about recycling.

“The understanding is that we don’t have too many natural resources and therefore on those we have, we must preserve,” concluded Colonel.

Translated from Hebrew