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Erez battalion as: c transitions “packed” concludes in 2012 and of multiplying the illegal infiltrators captured and new technique of stopping cars crashing

תאריך: 03/04/2013, 18:03    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The battalion of crossings Erez military police conclude a successful year with
A large number of successes and operational concepts. The battalion commander, Lt. Col. Yuval sheinkin, presented to the military police officer (קמצ”ר), Brig. Gen. Meir Ohana, during February. “We had 14,000 seizures of various sorts in 2012, compared with 10,000 in 2011,” said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. This represents an increase of 40% in the number of seizures.

Throughout the year the regiment gathered data on operational activity, analyze incidents and drawing conclusions about each of them. Catching illegal stay in (b), people without Israeli citizenship who try to sneak into Israel territory, double the amount increase perceptions – from captured in -601 to IEC captured in 2012. “I appreciate
The motivation of the infiltrate is higher as a result of reductionism of the security holes “, said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. Regarding the perception of masi’i, i.e. the people trying to help them cross into Israel illegally surfaces, tripled the amount. “In 2011 we caught 111 masi’i in 2012 and captured 330, introduced c.

Video archive on the Regiment during Ramadan. Last year, an increase of 40% on the amount of seizures in transitions

E effect barriers is another disturbing phenomenon analysed in depth “enclosure”. “The events that occur when a vehicle stop markers, and between the markup but still choose to break the barrier,” explained Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. This year noted the increasing phenomenon that led to the investigation, along with any breach event analysis.
“We have decided to place the guards regularly drive their reaction speed, so that they can thwart
The attempted breakout. At their disposal are a distress button, clicking on them causes the spikes to rise from the ground and heavy “, said Majid. Aprizzot ‘ 60% over the past two years. “It shows the lessons process efficiency”, said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin.

To: forgery of licenses

Along with these data, the effect of forging IDs also in blue cut grabs the Jerusalem envelope, and Erez crossings “battalion of military police required high dexterity and eye contrast to foil intrusions of illegal stay to
Israel’s borders. “As the security fence built and closed around Jerusalem envelope area has fewer options to infiltrate and pass crossings are trying to use counterfeit documentation, told the Mag.

Throughout February the battalion encountered a new phenomenon of fake driver’s licenses.
“We came across two such events, each checkpoint Kalandia and Hizma”, said Majid. In Hizma carried also suspect Blue identity cards, and a fake driver’s license. Two suspects detained by the most talked of security guards and taken to Israel Police investigation. Their still works. “These perceptions are important, but ultimately the goal of the police is to reach the forger and create, so that they can prevent such events in the future,” said John.

Data analysis over the past year, suggest in the regiment for an increase in the phenomenon of the fake documentation – from 74 193 concepts in 2011 to fake IDs seized in 2012. The inspection is done visually, is a complex task for the security guards. “They need to detect the forgery under pressure of time, by contrast,” said Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin. He said that all perception and operational success lead to an in-depth learning between companies, including displaying photos and pointing to fake ingredients. “It increases the success rate. The fighters know how to pull the right person see large amounts of people, and we’re talking professionalism “, said Majid Erez added that” secure it security professionals, and locating a forgery done in a careful and complex “.

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