In the coming year in the Cascades: a focus on developing technologies for the reserve divisions

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The work plan of the land (חט”ל) technology for 2013 includes a special emphasis on the reserve divisions and end the location development

תאריך: 07/02/2013, 14:22    
מחבר: ניצר קינר, מז“י

Land Technology Division (חט”ל) presented the work plan for 2013, at a conference attended by all the needle of Captain and above. The Conference, which was held at mark moulding technology “battlefield”, summed up the past year – for future challenges.

This year of El-op (electronics-optics) was characterized by improving operational effectiveness, development coach driving armored combat vehicles, and collaborations with other departments. ICT systems Department presented the development of thousands of new radios and other media. With them, the Department held experiments and quality assurance activities in field experiments, including abortion and trial sank and research and materials.

According to future estimates, in the coming year will focus on class reserve divisions and end the location development.

Towards the end of the Conference, Gen. Solomon (Sammy) 994 finishes his duties as Commander of GoC army headquarters at the end of the month, used the opportunity to see Division. “Joined to the Mainland a few years ago, but it feels like stay there forever,” he said. “The needle is an integral part of day-to-day life, and the processes that run. All activity, the partnership between the various departments and thinking ‘ outside the box ‘
– Proved impossible to build onshore power without a sin. “

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