In the HFC 188 exercise ‘ turning point ‘: “registered significant achievements”

Defense Minister and Commander of the HFC summarized play “point 5”, stressing the achievements at the improving relationship with emergency agencies and upgrading the sirens in Israel

תאריך: 14/09/2011, 15:02    
מחבר: אופיר הגלילי, אתר צה”ל

The HFC concluded today (Wednesday) play “point 5”, which took place two months ago: in a joint briefing held Defense Minister Matan Vilnai and home front command major general Eyal Eisenberg, the two agreed that the annual exercise
Successfully the significant lessons from the previous exercise.

Remember, “a turning point” is a systemic exercise neck nationally held annually for the fifth year. This is an exercise which is reflected in the practice of the various systems in the State of Israel in the neck treatment efforts in war.

“We got ourselves two meaningful accomplishments in the last exercise,” noted פקע”ר Commander, Maj. Gen. Eyal eizenberg,” one is improving the relationship with the operational security as Israel, police and the fire brigade. The second achievement is of assistance.
The authorities, we see it to understand. Did both a significant leap.

Another significant change came to the fore in the last exercise, in contrast to last year, is the most comprehensive practice of local authorities. In the last exercise was attended by 80 local authorities compared with only 30 last year. This is about one-third of local authorities in Israel.
“Given the polls that took place after the exercise revealed that over 50% of the country’s population experienced a feeling of emergency during the exercise. It is surprisingly good, “noted Minister Vilnai.

As noted, one of the second Lebanon war failures was the warning whistle, and sometimes didn’t work in real time. “More than 85 percent of the population reported that they had heard the siren exercise well, said Gen. Eisenberg, light exercise and then buy another 25 horns in places where we have identified gaps and this trend continued until the cover all the gaps.” Currently operating throughout the country to over 3,000 horns when in 2006 worked only half the amount.

Next year is expected to be held in the exercise of the earthquake after in previous years was held in the hinterland of war.

Translated from Hebrew