In the HFC developers sirens to alert on the ground

הצופרים החדשים של פיקוד העורף. צילום: פקע”ר

The sirens warning of possible futures in convening and layout sites operational units or in an emergency and they plug into the national alert system of the HFC

תאריך: 17/04/2013, 16:05    
מחבר: מאיה שבאלבו ועמית סמט, ”במחנה“

The home front command is preparing for months on designing portable warning measures which will be deployed when needed in convening and units deployed in the field during the course of an operation or an emergency. The mobile command planners be able to warn
Rocket hits, by connecting to the national alert system of פקע”ר.

“If we could produce a situation where each battalion has a system that can alert every where it is – we buy maximum protection on warriors,” says head warning the front command, Lt. Col. Levi gave it. The IDF to deploy 200 units will be moved to the units, and in October close to be prepared product prototype. After that prototype goes through field trials, the home front command’s plan to move the product into production as early as next year.

According to the existing planning, energy is connected to allow it to perform four horn honks without charging or a permanent connection. In addition, the mobile horns can withstand harsh environmental conditions: rain, dust and shaking. It can be carried by two people and is expected to stand at about 70 pounds. “The new Horn to alert in three seconds a rocket launch information, time does not exceed the speed of response by sirens, transmitters, specify head warning.

Translated from Hebrew