In the pilot, and Caracal EM: the rise of religious Israeli girls


Last year the army joined 1,500 girls, religious laws
Exempted from military service. Commander: “a steady increase-would like to see more girls participate in meaningful roles.”

תאריך: 04/12/2012, 19:37    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Last week held a Conference on the draft and service in the IDF intended to build religious population, future Corps met for their reinstatement in the IDF and adapt to their lifestyles. The Commander, Colonel Gil Ben shaoul,
Refer to the rise in religious girls. “there is a slow but steady increase every time added more girls to tailoring. All religious soldier who running
In the army at her service, thus bringing others followed, “Colonel Ben shaoul.

More than 7,000 girls study religious education, some perform national service and some moved to. “we would like to see more fit with all Israeli youth in military service, the significant role”, said Colonel Ben shaoul. Last year recruited some 1,500 mature girls schools of religious Zionism, religious schools and olpanot. “For all recruits military units: pilot course through vigilance
Armor and youth counselors, teachers, women and various roles in the IDF’s Airforce and UM, well Chief testified.

The trend of increased recruiting religious army girls is offering a wide range of roles
Religious girls, along with providing you the option to continue their religious lifestyle. “On the one hand, the IDF offers very challenging roles, they have a direct connection to protect the country and its security. On the other hand, should also provide barriers and promises to ensure they maintain the lifestyle that they did to him, “said Colonel Ben shaoul. One adjustment the religious girls – caving is recruiting in the group, with some girls religious capabilities creeps into it. Also, make sure to stroke in direct command of the only religious headquarters and commanders around aware of man-made caves which were cut. “They come from Valencia where the brothers can be in the paratroopers brigades and controls in Golani, which can make them into military service. We see more and more girls who see this a great way to get close to the people Israel and all strata of Israeli society, “telling a commander on the attractiveness of military service as a key.

Motivation for service among religious tailoring

For several years the “Center” of raising annual Conference for girls
Religious, and exposes them to military service. “It’s a great way to close gaps, to teach and explain,” said Colonel Ben shaoul. Along with the annual running of the service center of “old, force generation, and a Facebook page, offering phone services over the Internet. “The girls are exposed to all the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology and create with us on Facebook, and essentially bridges on information gaps that result from the fact that they have not been preparing for Israeli educational institutions that have” load control.

Cooperation to promote religious girls recruitment occurs with physicians and sheaf (McCarthy, soldiering, and Noah גדנ”ע lines), which organized publicity activities in various communities. “We’re trying to build here a significant challenge and opportunity to join that body called the IDF and seeking serious ladies” manufactures, explained Colonel Ben shaoul.

In terms of the variety of roles offered to religious girls, no different from the roles offered to women. “A fundamentalist, in maturely and service to finish the next cycle ulpana of the aircraft. We see religious girls also in training and educational roles and Intelligence Division that traditionally hoard them girls.
See also religious officers at 1 “, said Commander deploying on any extension lines.

Furthermore, no religious fighting roles also went AWOL and fighting supporters. “A conversation with the girls held אכ”א recently, there were four adult daughters who joined the ulpana Caracal battalion. We also see girls tailoring to air defense, “Colonel Ben Shaul and revealed that” we find religious girls also in support of combat such as technical positions in the ordnance Corps, Navy and air force.

Meanwhile, the motivation of religious girls tailoring to the IDF. The test
The best service for religious girls in Israel Defense Forces Corps reported on high satisfaction. “It’s a process, and it was built by the first evolving literature on the service. Of course there are difficulties and questions that eventually it could be the first religious daughter comes to a slightly different environment, “he said.

However, faced with the challenges to allow religious girls side retention service
About their lives. “Military orders, regulations and adjustments made to shoot such girls ‘ generate challenging roles. This is serious girls, quality schools, the army has a lot to offer them and what to offer in return, concluded

Translated from Hebrew