In the terrestrial collection Judas will begin work in early 2013

New role in collecting first be staffed combat situation that opens in the northern region. The women using the system covers a wide area and Recon deepest

תאריך: 06/09/2012, 17:37    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו ומערכת אתר צה”ל

Next month, saying the army’s first course in the land collection Judas (CASS) – a new role for the combat arm’s collection.
According to the program, in early 2013, report the first Corps in the situation room that opens in northern command.

Accept the use of a system (multi sensory system) Elbit, been experimenting with ttzpithnit within the company. Elaborate system is a great concept change for combat intelligence collection Corps regarding work in space because it covers a wider area and synchronizes many technologies such as. The ה’מרס can automatically notify intrusion and suspicious and jumping to a using System.

The pilot for the new job got started a few months ago, on the basis that the course was soldiering ttzpithnit last September and found. Factor in combat intelligence collection system noted that the new profession was born of the need to break through the glass ceiling of soldiering. This is an opportunity that was before technology, which enables to collect wide area cell in a unique way.

Accept function is divided into two parts: one of the monitors and the other information.
The monitors there shortly to decide whether suspected something tricky and she puts it to investigate. “The biggest contribution is the ability to control a very large space cabin.
Girls with no restriction of means, “he explained.

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