In the u.s., England and India: security studies in expand horizons


Operations Directorate extends the College store where foreign officers
The IDF can pay off in security studies. A UM study abroad “expand the military knowledge and represents in the world.”

תאריך: 28/02/2013, 15:54    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Military academic education in the fields of national security-now also in other places abroad. the IDF extends this year to significantly improve the colleges abroad including the IDF officers can go to military school academic This is a limited number of officers studying abroad each year.

At the request of the Bureau, תוה”ד Division (and training) at UM (Operations Directorate) examined the suitability of several college courses for national security around the world. To allow military-academic studies abroad in the fields of national security, there is another creation of the IDF will grant approved courses by the IDF as a substitute for AR (national security College, which is today the institution the central security officers). These courses are designed for senior officers Colonel ranks and into college graduates command.

“Every country has courses designed to teach issues related to national security, and we’ve found courses that can replace the CDC also training abroad,” said the head character (military tactics) basic operations Directorate, Lieutenant Colonel Boaz zalmanovich.

In the u.s., England and India: security studies in expand horizons

The principles for overseas courses appear in the special instruction and training division in the Operations Directorate. After testing showed the Operations Directorate concluded eight
National security courses at various colleges about the conditions to be used as spares. Two
Many of these are in the United States, and approved another side at three colleges – uk, France and India.  Alongside these, found three distinct courses, colleges in the u.s. and Canada received the exchangers in too.

“Provides new directions to apprentices and military environment.”

“Participation in courses abroad allows information exchange with various military officials and harvato, as well as the type of mission and representation of the IDF
In the world, “said the head of the base character. Participation in one of these prestigious courses abroad requires the approval of the Chief of staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, senior commanders and arms and nausea. “However, after college studies abroad required the officer to do a complete country, for national security to Israel is very different,” Col. zalmanovich restriction.

In military training around the world can see that send senior officers to study in other countries is acceptable. “It brings knowledge, reciprocity and even standing as part of military diplomacy,” claimed Lieutenant Colonel zalmanovich.

The widespread phenomenon in NATO armies, which resulting in frequent replacement of officers in military training. “The national security College in Australia, for example, has 30% of officers from other armies. They sit together with Australian officers and learn about security issues related to surrounding countries “, said the head of the character.

Alongside the courses tested as an alternative in the Operations Directorate, confirmed the addition of parallel courses for training in Fu (College of command down to the junior rank officers). It comes in four courses–three in the United States and one in Britain.

“These courses do not replace training, additional training, but currently the apprentice”, said head of the base character. He sometimes decide to remove commanders in lower ranking cadets to short courses in college.
“We also saw the company controls nausea went on training abroad, and even a group of ICT Division officers,” added the head of the base character. “It brings new directions for campers and military environment,” concluded.

Translated from Hebrew