In the wake of the attack in India: commercial attachיs stationed in overseas and received the caution

נספח צה”ל בחו”ל. צילום אילוסטרציה

The IDF operations Directorate instructed all military attachés to increased vigilance during their overseas officers

תאריך: 15/02/2012, 14:19    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The attack in India earlier this week, as well as attempted in Georgia brought to brief the military attachés worldwide, taking precautions and preventive behavior, this is against the backdrop of repeated warnings to attack Israeli and Jewish targets worldwide.

The IDF operations Directorate of the military annexes guidelines after the special mode system held the week following the event. The exhibits were to brief the officers staying in their country immediately, taking those actions.

Beyond sharpening procedures regarding increased alertness, decide UM to verify all IDF officers briefing before departure abroad, the following points: to wander the streets in a uniform, a taxi ride away and out of this group only for fear of kidnapping or harm to one of the soldiers.

It should be noted that currently no unofficial travel to India. Recently decide UM to soldiers and officers travel to Thailand’s capital Bangkok and Nigeria, warning light CTU headquarters and following the arrest of Hizbullah terrorists operating in the country on suspicion of planning an imminent attack against Israeli targets.

The directive issued by Col. shmulik clemmie, the רמ”ח Operations Directorate, stated that” it is absolutely forbidden for being soldiers and officers in Bangkok, with the exception of transit and not a port of Bangkok airport. The warning refers, also visiting officers and soldiers in Nigeria, “present a deep and ongoing unrest in Muslim communities in Nigeria and extreme hostility toward the West and Israel.”

Translated from Hebrew