In tunnels, in a thicket, uncertainty: special training for combat in complex areas

אימון ירי בסבך. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

A special workshop, paid Chief of IDF commanders in military tactics to fight in complex areas

תאריך: 04/10/2013, 14:46    
מחבר: נועם שרעבי, אתר זרוע היבשה

Command training base of פצ”ן, convened last week, dozens of senior commanders. The officers, regular and reserve, the gathered for a special training in space combat theme, in order to deploy new combat theory for complex layouts, infantry entrenched and underground. Day
The two seminar cycles and intended for Meg and, but also included the פצ”ן Commander, Chief of staff, Gen. Yair Golan and Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur.

The seminar started early in the morning, then went to competitive navigation jog in the Woods Eliakim. After the opening remarks of קחצ”ר (infantry and paratrooper officer),
Brigadier General Adam, and boarded the infantry and paratroopers theory see speeches (תחצ”ן), Colonel
Yoav Mordechai, who lectured on the topic of underground fighting. After receiving the theoretical review, went the commanders in the field, there were live view means used live forces during fighting in a built-up area, in order to expose the command staff as to their capabilities. Later in the day, the participants explored between various stations featured weaponry, combat techniques and describe, and descended into an underground tunnel used by IDF forces.

In tunnels, in a thicket, uncertainty: special training for combat in complex areas

The facility for training urban warfare command training base of photo: פצ”ן colleague, Lisa m

“Who should fear counterterrorist underground descriptor is
Who is inside, under the Earth, and who is it, “said Brig. Gen. Adam and when summed up the day. “We can defeat our enemies, we have all the tools to do so, despite the uncertainty that characterizes the battlefield.”

The subject of uncertainty in an emergency situation is one of the main challenges facing the Commander in the field, and challenge the mtatzm when a booby-trapped underground broker. Infantry and paratroopers theory head Colonel Yoav Mordechai, added that: “in the next war the regiments and companies not only fight in the open, but each seller describing, tangled, entrenched and ground. To deal with, we required a different chshirviot the mask we aim to neutralize the threat and get him. “

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