In two years: new urban warfare training in Northern contours


The new facility will allow maximum practice of combined arms, including in fighting complicated contours of a combination of ground forces and the air force.

תאריך: 17/02/2013, 15:00    
מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

The northern command in education two years new driver for urban warfare training to the North. The decision to build the facility, which is currently in the process of planning, in light of the lessons of the second Lebanon war. The facility is designed to be combined arms exercise: integrating all army and air force.

“Today there are several Army facilities that allow the practice of fighting in the North and ready, but should remember that good shmochns want to get higher–and that’s where we’re targeting,” said IDF site head of xī ‘ ān (urban warfare-) lavon, Maj. Assi.

Today the main facility is in the urban warfare Training Center (Al) btzalim, which simulates nature “Arab city with mosques, places, buildings, alleyways, basements and underground passages. The new facility in the North will be bigger from the targeted
And slightly more than 500 buildings. It will include a variety of complex contours
Including underground combat outline and outline a fortified overpass. In addition, unlike the existing facilities, which are found mostly in the South of the country and their land was “naked”, the new facility which
Placed in the North is filled with plants-according to admotihan of the Northern States.

Another difference between the South and North is the northern mountain amthar with lots of wadis emerging and not necessarily. More complicated “to fight on the ground. The vegetation and the dense terrain makes fighting more difficult in terms of command and control, and how
Activate and unlock weapons, “explained Maj. Levon.

Maj. Levon indicates that challenges in combating built is that the enemy is gone.
Expected and can be found in all sorts of places-indoors, on the surface, beneath the surface, etc. “These cases we practice. We have the ability to deal with complex layouts are in built-up areas, “said Boone. Additional challenges are capture and mining the enemy and in the built-up houses fortified and booby-trapped tunnels
And avoiding shooting דו”צ.

Of urban warfare in 2009 when producing took the death of cpl. Alanna z who was killed in a training accident in the combat area. CPL. Cohen, who was in an advanced stage of training within the training, wounded in the head by a singing one, under
Drill squad in a built-up area. The bullet in the Chamber designed for this type of training – and hit his head. The investigation about the circumstances, Chief of general staff reporter (Res.) Gabi Ashkenazi, among others that must change and adapt some of the DEA training built-up areas so that they are safer for athletes. As part of its activities, the Division of facilities so that they can use live ammunition training without risking another tragic case.

Translated from Hebrew