Increase in agricultural exports from the Gaza Strip, a decrease in unemployment

Analysis of the first half of 2012, Coordinator of government activities in the territories on an increase in agricultural exports from Gaza, a slight fall in unemployment, paired with donations
Fuels into Gaza in an attempt to solve the energy crisis.

תאריך: 08/07/2012, 11:30    
מחבר: רון בן חמו, מתפ”ש

Reduction in the unemployment in the Gaza Strip, compared to moderate at agricultural exports from the Gaza Strip – a summary data the median first year 2012 that Publisher Coordinator of government activities in the territories.

The data indicate that there is an effort to resolve Israeli activities in cooperation with Governments and international organizations to promote the Palestinian economy and commerce in Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip, which also reflected an increase in the activity transitions from Judea and Samaria.
On the issue of employment in Gaza can see an increase of approximately 5.45% daily paid only a quarter and a decrease of 0.3% in the unemployment rate compared to the same quarter last year, it also continues the trend of increased rates of participation in the work force who is now at 24.8% compared to 24.5% in the preceding quarter (increase of 0.5% in three months).

As the energy crisis: beginning in 2011, Prime Minister of Hamas ruling by the Palestinian Authority to purchase the fuel Israel while most fuel entered from Egypt through the tunnels in the form of piracy and regulated. With the introduction of fuels reduction through paying regulated tunnels on Israel by Hamas, fuels the energy crisis in the Gaza Strip.

At the height of the crisis, the Qatar Government committed to donating solar totaling about 30 million liters in planning and leading the political and military hierarchy. Transferring diesel fuel from Egypt through Nitzana crossing was approved, the Kerem Shalom crossing in Israel and the Gaza Strip. On 7 June the transfer process so far transferred to Gaza about 3 million gallons of diesel fuel from the contribution is for the power station in Gaza.

After completing the season agricultural exports from Gaza, in addition to the continued export of flowers from Gaza, an increase of 86% in agricultural export volumes. this year exported 708 tons of agricultural products, compared to 380 tons produced last year.

In addition to furniture and textile products exports, including export 4,000 sweaters to uk 45 furniture surfaces on two different occasions to Jordan furniture exhibition, approved another of WFP 720 ton marketing Palm bars into Judea in addition to 140 tons Palm already bars are marketed at the beginning of the year.

Kerem Shalom continues to operate these days under continuous rocket fire on only in the last six months moved him up from 725 thousand tons of goods and foodstuffs, 18,000
Tons of gas and 15 million liters of fuel.

Also on the subject of promoting economy and continue to explain to them the Treaty between the Government of Israel to the Netherlands for placing a mirror on the Allenby Bridge crossing, when the goal is improving the ability to export and import in Judea and Samaria. ע”ע increasing the volume of goods that are exported abroad 30% by placing new goods reflects the Allenby Bridge and later at the Kerem Shalom crossing to increase trade between the Gaza Strip and Judea and Samaria for Jordan and the whole world.

Translated from Hebrew