Increase in amount of combat roles by tailoring

מסע כומתה קרקל. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Informational Conference and encouraging the recruitment profession awarded to build relevant information regarding recruitment and placement options. יוהל”ן:” women fighting shoulder to shoulder alongside the men. “

תאריך: 04/11/2013, 09:44    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Last week was held to encourage recruiting martial science to build at a conference organized by the headquarters women’s Affairs Advisor (יוהל”ן)
And is designed to contribute to candidates for security service (Lesh) information for giosen and encourage them to participate in the open trades. “Under one roof we a group of quality girls interested in fighting, most of them disabled the information regarding recruitment and fighting in Israel, told IDF Squadron website, Brigadier General Rachel TEVET-Wiesel.

To insert came Warriors of all open positions to women, who presented the possibilities of recruitment and promotion options in every position. “All the necessary information to make a decision was made available to the girls”, the squadron headquarters in יוהל”ן indicate that there is a trend towards an increase in girls ‘ desire to join the combat professions.” we see numbers
The rise compared to last year. There are more women interested in army service
As warriors, and this day is possible to hear a firsthand and from women who have had this experience, “Brigadier General-incentive were strained Elina.

The iron Dome to women warriors in the Caracal battalion-all express high satisfaction from the most significant service and challenging nature of the service. Also commanders of combat units that numbered ATEN asteroids which serve the important contribution to operational functioning. “The units commanders
Even the outs very satisfied warring service. The relation which is no different from men’s attitude, just as we expect the Warrior lawyer with a fighter “, יוהל”ן.

As part of efforts to promote women’s service in the IDF, operating in the sector also encourage Squadron
The enrollment of girls. I rarely hear women who have a problem to serve among men. Today woman comes to be a fighter for free, and she knows that means to fight shoulder to shoulder with men. It has a part in the decision, “Brig. Gen. TEVET-Wiesel.

Meanwhile, the headquarters Squadron are to compare the duration of service men and women and to remove barriers in the slot and sorting. Recently it was decided that the two men will be truncated and eight months starting in July 2015, while women’s service will be extended to two years and four months which constitutes another step on the road to equality. “We make processes to compare the durations. As women tshrtna over a period of time equal to men – we also disable the combat professions and volunteer to make a standard recruitment target, “said siiga יוהל”ן and that always will be given weight to the woman’s inlaid into these positions.

Translated from Hebrew