Increased motivation to serve in the Bedouin patrol battalion.

Three months after the operation, “pillar,” Geddes practice Bedouin into the enjoys the fruits of success in education, safety and security

תאריך: 30/01/2013, 07:45    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

One cannot ignore the presence of the desert patrol Battalion on the winners Podium Awards held recently. Second place award in the outstanding units,
Certificate of appreciation for the event at the Kerem Shalom crossing and first place in the wing Award for road safety – all these are not enough to Geddes, Bedouin continues to strive forward.
At the same time,
The regiment that dominates the southern sands region, facing the new reality after the operation “pillar”.  “This operational activity and ultimately the security work is her work. We learn and generate lessons and practice is preparing forces, told IDF website the battalion commander, Lt. Col. oaachid alhoseel and.  “We’re having a briefing arrangements, and examining how to build them right,” he said.

Troop commander jackpots attest to changing the perception, understanding, thinking and looking forward. We set ourselves targets and I’m glad we stood, we see that soldiers and commanders and increased motivation. In the past, there was a shortage of soldiers in the Brigade, and even change people want to sign stating, “the battalion commander.

The Colonel regarded destinations are alhoseel mainly in the education, recruitment and safety. “We have five commanders of education, to teach them to read and write and mentoring soldiers go to OCs and introductory classes, controls,” he elaborated.
“The goal is to bring the soldiers in the regiment to the highest level. Winning a prize.
Chief that the issue of treating lists, soldiers and equipment loss taken elsewhere.
The right treatment is what brought the battalion situation today. “

The issue is also a major issue in terms of battalion engaged himself in recruiting warriors warriors. “It’s hard to work and do side-by-side security vis-à-vis work,” notes Lt. Col. alhoseel, “one of the goals for us is to encourage recruitment.

Translated from Hebrew