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This framework of cooperation that the personnel Division, Operations Directorate and control authority. An intelligence estimate: the terrorist attacks against Israeli targets abroad – go and conquer

תאריך: 14/08/2012, 12:07    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The Operations Directorate is constantly concerned with the security of soldiers and commanders, while the threats are increasing. Defense and security sector, responsible inter alia for the personal safety of soldiers, junior to the most senior overseas, working around the clock to ensure they remain intact. At the last check cooperation with Department personnel and border control authority in the Ministry of the Interior, to fathom the entry soldiers prohibited who States them according to orders.

“The level of terrorist activity abroad has grown in the past two years, and we are very concerned about the developments that have occurred there since ‘ ornier elimination,” said UM security רמ”ד, Maj. Zvika Mandel. The Operations Directorate is evaluating situation weekly, where an emphasis on trips and expeditions to overseas in which determined the required security level and is
Appears in front of the class and Department head of operations. “We’re moving the recommendations and determine whether you need a routine briefing or stringent security, including removing security abroad,” explained Maj. Mandel.

In some cases, they’re outstanding athletes traveling to training camps in forbidden entrance, then required discussion and decision on the matter. “What time ago out of sending athletes to camp in Turkey. The delegation included soldiers and had to travel, because Turkey is not allowed to enter.
Finally, their approved “, said Maj. Mandel.

In addition to ongoing security activities that are performed in the annex, the Burgas timed against Israeli civilians also in red flag “terms, the price charged
Just now. So far the attacks have failed or partially succeeded, “claimed Maj. Mandel. Last year several attempts were thwarted terrorist attacks against Israeli targets in several
Countries around the world. In February, have blown a load of Israeli Defense Ministry Envoy in New Delhi, wounding his wife. “Iran, Hizbollah and the global Jihad turned soft ל’בטן (meaning to Israelis — Dr. r.c.) and it’s only going to get worse, in our assessment,” claimed Maj. Mandel.

Due to the increasing threats and fear of attacks on soldiers, advertisers frequently do em
The list of prohibited countries to IDF data almost identical to the warnings of the National Security Council, and they are collected after intelligence assessments and discussions with various parties.

As part of the effort to prevent the entry of IDF prohibited countries, especially those bordering dangerous for Israel and, in cooperation with the Division, manpower Directorate (אכ”א) and the control limits. Today, a soldier leaves the country, care officials informed about it because lishotis needs. “The computerized system of reporting all אכ”א port for overseas, and mark where the soldier before, “explained Maj. Mandel.
The real concern comes when a soldier decides to cross the border into Egypt or Jordan. “If a soldier passing through the crossing Jordan or Taba crossing – know, Jordan or Sinai. In a very big risk to soldiers and terrorist organizations such as Hamas-affiliated activists or global Jihad may kidnap them and the State of Israel, “strategically, said Maj. Mandel.

In an attempt to prevent such dangerous scenarios and generate effective deterrence, consists of a mechanism giving all IDF soldier care file out and to Jordan. This plan.
Running for about six months, when border control authority Office gives now access to the control register. As a result, neither does the relevant approach
In EM. When soldiers who were forbidden to enter countries return to Earth, they are discovered and severely judged designed to discourage and make clear the seriousness of the Act. “A handful of
IDF officials citizens went to Sinai, and restore it from there by the disciplinary officers handled their superiors. We treat this matter seriously and clarifying that if soldiers and commanders were prohibited countries – will be punished severely, “concluded Maj. Mandel.

Meanwhile, a month ago left two resistors vacationing in Sinai Peninsula. With their return, suffered severe punishment after being tried in disciplinary-decided to deduct one-third of their paychecks
And fascinate them for a prolonged period.

Translated from Hebrew