Independence Day in Israel begins as The Day of Remembrance ends, a symbolic transition which expresses the essence of Israeli remembrance, between sadness and happiness, remembering the soldiers who fell and celebrating the independence of the state

Yael Bar & Ohad Zeltzer Zubida

For the annual ceremony held on Pilots Mountain near Jerusalem, the IAF family: bereaved parents, widows, orphans, brothers, sisters and the senior command of the IAF, all congregated in order to remember and pay their respects to their fallen loved ones and brothers in arms.

Independence Day

A special fly-over of “Sufa” F-16I jets from the “Negev” Squadron performed a “Missing Formation” above the memorial ceremony, in which four jets in close formation take flight over the mountain and when passing over the heads of the families, one of the jets turns to the side, creating a “Missing Formation” of three jets symbolizing the fallen brothers and sisters.

Independence Day

As the Israeli tradition dictates, in the upcoming days, sadness and happiness are intertwined, as Independence Day begins as The Day of Remembrance ends. This traditional transition symbolizes the essence of Israeli remembrance, between sadness and happiness, the soldiers who fell for the independence of the state. Another characteristic of this tradition is the proximity of the “Missing Formation” Flyover preformed on The Day of Remembrance and the Annual Aerial Demonstration performed by the IAF on Independence Day.

Independence Day

In the traditional Aerial Demonstration, IAF aircraft fill the country’s skies, helicopters, fighter jets and transport aircraft, led by the IAF Aerobatic Team in their White and Red T-6 “Texans”. The Aerial Demonstration flies across the country and passes over all of Israel’s large cities.

Yesterday, we remembered our fallen loved ones and today we celebrate the independence of our Country.