Indian Ocean shizafon Sands: the story of David Caro

סמל דוד דוד-קארו עם הטנק עליו הוא מפקד

Armored Warrior Caro was born to a Christian family in an exotic island Réunion. After a long way, both physically and spiritually, he ordered tank and dream of
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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Far across the sea, only 3800 km from the complex reality in Israel, raising a child named David Caro. David, David David Caro logo, Reunion Island just off the island of Madagascar. Exotic views, after a spiritual search campaigns – rose family, and David called flag and joined the IDF sergeant David Caro, 20 today, 188 and Division in recent weeks was admitted as a tank commander (9).

“I grew up on the island of reunion, off Madagascar, told IDF sergeant David Caro site period
Childhood. The island is located in the Indian Ocean, and it covers only about 2,500 sq.
The prevailing language is French island, because the island is designated as an administrative County of France. “I have
French citizenship, but was only there a couple of times, “explained sergeant David Caro and testified that” reunion were amazing. ” David is the seventh of eight brothers, and his family in a row in what can be termed “spiritual journeys”.

Indian Ocean shizafon Sands: the story of David Caro

Typical view of Reunion Island where he grew up an icon David Caro. Photo: Wikimedia Foundation

Sergeant David Caro was born into a Christian family.
36-year-old sister, went to several spiritual searches and reviewed various denominations in Christianity.
“My dad was involved in this spiritual search”. Four brothers and sisters were born in France while his father went to study there and make a living as a painter. “He went to find himself in some way, and several Christian communities. There he met his mother and decides to marry her. After long spiritual search, his father decided that the final objective is the land of Israel. “However, my mother thought is inappropriate,” sergeant David Caro revealed. Therefore, a family reunion, where four more children were born to parents – is one of them.

The love of Israel came from the Christian world.
“There are plenty of streams in Christianity with an affinity for Israel, and people stand next to it and believe in the salvation that comes to Israel State”, said sergeant David Caro and added that “my parents wanted me to participate in all the troubles and difficulties with Israel, and happy things. They wanted to take part and give some credits. Another reunion the parents are home of brotherhood between religions-Judaism, Islam and Christianity. At the same time, combined his passion for this music. “Everyone in my family are musicians, and were always around musical instruments
And poetry, “testified Sgt. David Caro and Sage with a smile –” somehow it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure it’s in my genes.

The turning point: throwing attack

Immigration to Israel not underway until parents were convinced that the requested destination is what they expect. “My father made the pilgrimage in years. He came to Israel, examined and made lots of visits “, said sergeant David Caro. One of these visits, parent took two of his children. During Ramadan, had three throwing events in the old city of Jerusalem and stand at a crossroads family split up from her brother and sister. “My sister decided she didn’t want to go to Israel, did not want to convert and to live abroad. However, due to the same event, my brother wanted to go young, “explained sergeant David Caro. David’s brother was the first to do, fit in the Orthodox and converted to Judaism. “It’s a strange situation where one – my sister decided she didn’t want to go anywhere near here and man fell and was quick to come,” said David.

In 2000 rose to Israel, when Uncle Ben 7.5. The family settled in Beit Shemesh, and now lives in Jerusalem. Immediately after the conversion process family began. “I goirati under the auspices of, and at the age of nine the perfect conversion. The parents are the ones who have had the most significant process, “mentioned. Conversion procedure demanded great efforts and sometimes cities
Difficulties. “Although I was small, I remember it wasn’t easy. After all, I’m very
Happy and I feel part of the Jewish people. I don’t regret it, “stated sergeant David Caro.

Indian Ocean shizafon Sands: the story of David Caro

David Caro. “I was able at every stage by now, so why not continue?”

In Hebrew from a list that was embarrassing finish, battery sergeant David Caro graduated high school and is also a kind of search for myself. “I asked myself what I want to be a Jew. During this search went to Poland through school I learned it, “adding that” there in the gas chambers — I decided that some of the people no matter what, and I had a positive experience despite all the sadness and difficulty “.

At this point, Sergeant David Caro decided to study at military preparatory program pre before recruiting Hemdat Yehuda-o “in the northern Jordan Valley. “The first day program told us to close your eyes – to figure out what is in us, then delete everything we thought and tell ourselves what it means to be a Jew,” said Sergeant. Preparatory activities contains for perfect balance between what he was looking for and he completed it a year and a half. After
Then he decided to study for a short period in South Mountain, and then came the time of recruitment.

“There are a lot of opportunities and I can only go up.”

Sergeant David Caro was the first to enlist among family members, and even before the draft was active in “me” that encourages social engagement among teenagers. “The draft was obvious. Decided to recruit me as part of the meeting, and told me I was going to Givati, told. Despite the allure of wearing a purple beret heart told him to go the armor Corps. He was appointed to a number of reasons.

“With a very interesting machine. On the one hand you are a fighter, the machine requires you to high work ethic, and it’s not just being a rioner, “explained David.
“The social level, my friends became soldiers and officers in the force — and they told me it
Very challenging, “said. A tank is a friend for him to service. “You get to the tank crew with three other people, and most likely will be the best team with the most different religious, ultra-Orthodox, turned the former – and should manage to find common ground, a common dialogue and shared values,” sergeant David Caro and gave a glimpse of how building a team.

Karo shows bad value, one of the ten values that comprise the IDF spirit – as one.
Value in the armored Corps. “There is a lot of room for help. If you don’t do something in tank-your friend has to do it, and you must have the team chemistry to succeed in tasks, “said sergeant David Caro.

In August 2012 is enlisted to 188 Division, and the track was released to commanders. “The thing for me that command commanding a tank is more than being a commander.
It is much more personal, “he explained. After being ordained as a tank commander, was chosen to be the course instructor that you just passed. “This is really important. I feel like this could affect future commanders in the best possible way “, says David. After a long way so it is already
Looking ahead – the road goes from her shizafon 1. “I plan to control on the course for two cycles, and then take a Commission.

Indian Ocean shizafon Sands: the story of David Caro

After a year of intense Israeli military service, Sergeant David Caro might be agreed. “When I signed up I didn’t know what I was getting into. Just arrived and I really liked it. Beyond the defensive aspect, it also invests a lot of social and educational aspects, said and added that “there’s an opportunity to start fresh, to make friends and connect disparate people from you.” The way, as mentioned above, is already planned. “There are a lot of opportunities and I can only go up. I managed at each stage by now, so why not continue? If the system has decided I fit to participate in leadership training and – why not? “, said sergeant David Caro and stressed that he came
To work and contribute.

Large family waiting at home gives him great support. “They are very proud of me. My success highly holding them. Problems at home
Missing, but we are able to keep your head straight and move forward, “said sergeant David Caro.

Some people have difficulty to understand why he chose to leave a quiet life and beautiful scenic island country and threatened in the Middle East.
“I feel like I’m doing Zionism, inconclusive. Could easily be a reunion, enjoy, and not knowing what it’s like to serve and be a Jew, “testified. According to him, he understands why some people find it difficult to live here and leave, but he’s not going to happen. “This is my house, even if it’s hard to get up in the morning, cut hours and work hard. I’m here for that and came to help, “said sergeant David Caro.

Only one thing is missing from the family’s image in Israel – Israel
And it’s sister, who still lives in Singapore. “I haven’t seen her for 9 years, and have three small nieces didn’t get to meet,” said sergeant David Caro. On the other hand, one trip after military objectives has never been clearer. “Maybe I will go there after the army with my future wife, I haven’t met” the maftir and laughed. Sometime I will return.
For a vacation, and then of course go home – Earth.

Translated from Hebrew