Indictment against terrorists who attacked a soldier and stole his weapon.


The IDF, in cooperation with States and the police have uncovered a terrorist cell that infiltrated the base in northern Jerusalem, attacked a guard post and abducted his personal weapon

תאריך: 12/02/2013, 13:46    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

For advertising: the General Security Service, in cooperation with the SJ district of the Israel Police have uncovered a terrorist cell of Tanzim activists, residents of Kalandia, which is pierced on the 21st December 2012, at the base level, in northern Jerusalem, attacked a guard post and had M-16 rifle that was in their possession.

The charges filed today against five terrorists indicate that two of the defendants were on
Watchtower, and the soldier in the post asked them to identify themselves, pulled one of the defendants and a plastic pistol that Greece to the head, while the other tries to squirt him with extinguishing material fire extinguisher to extinguish fires. Finally, one of the defendants failed to spray the soldier with tear-gas and other failed to steal his personal weapon, while injuries to the soldier and injury.

The indictment indicated that terrorists also sold the gun for money. The terrorists were charged with assaulting a soldier and injury and armed robbery.

Translated from Hebrew