Infiltration attempt was foiled in Israel-Egypt border; two smugglers killed by Egypt

גבול ישראל מצרים

Two policemen were killed by smugglers in a border area Israel, Nitzana-Egypt. In another incident, IDF hit Palestinian militants infiltrated Israel. The Chief of staff to reinforce troops in the border area and nearby communities

תאריך: 23/11/2011, 22:30    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The shooting happened this evening (Wednesday) Israel-Egypt border, Nitzana area, two policemen were killed by smugglers, Egypt from Egyptian territory. Instead detected vehicles arrived in the area from across the border on the Israeli side, which indicates that he was probably trying to be smuggled into Israel territory.

Minutes later, in another incident, an IDF force engaged in routine activity in Egypt, Israel border spotted a group of suspected militants who had infiltrated into Israel, apparently in order to perform
Smuggling. The force opened fire at the suspects in the procedure for apprehending suspects and notifications to, cry to stop them firing at lower body. The suspects returned fire and identified hitting
One of the suspects.

In search of then in the event found a Kalashnikov rifle, a handgun and a sharp object used for cutting. There were no casualties and no damage.

It should be noted that the findings of the initial investigation conducted by the IDF indicate clearly that Egypt police killings by troops.

Following the incident, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, Commander in Chief, to reinforce troops in the border area.
Between Israel and Egypt and thicken the security surrounding villages. IDF forces continue to scour the area during the night and morning, Chief, performed instead.
A thorough scan.


Infiltration attempt was foiled in Israel-Egypt border; two smugglers killed by Egypt

Photo: Hummel used by smugglers, seized in Israeli territory.

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