Nshipons to be divided to commanders to check blood alcohol level of drivers, driving courses, permanent personnel moved in with “green” and a special procedure
Which will allow commanders to their troops to reach base with car-these are just new אלר”ם triggers measures and GoC army headquarters as part of the war on traffic accidents
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תאריך: 07/11/2007, 02:15    
מחבר: אלעד שלו

During the national war in accidents on the road, her partner of the IDF, in a special procedure currently States that the unit commander Lieutenant Colonel or above will have the right to deny a soldier to get to or around her in-car willing to punish should improve. Head of road traffic safety in GoC army headquarters, Maj. Tom Shay said this week that “the purpose of this law is to prevent soldiers who come out at night or tired soldiers undergoing training week reach the personal vehicle unit and thus reduce the risk of accidents among the soldiers. רמ”ד road traffic safety in Haller,
Maj. Dan Rooney, acknowledged that “the open procedure for enforcement units will be difficult, but the remote bases can save lives by this law”.

Furthermore, expect hundreds of אלר”ם and major commanders have already during the months wind systems, run by blowing into a plastic bag and put the test tube sets are sent on a mission driver has alcohol in his blood exceeding the legal limit. “This is support to the Commander, now has no way of knowing if a suspicion is justified,” major Dan.

“Nshifon test cannot be used as evidence at trial or aikapot on the subject, but will help to reduce problematic drivers off the road,” added Maj. Dan. In the future we hope the soldiers will all seeking nshipons for personal use. At the same time move in dozens of ELR in training “green light” for guiding new drivers and escorts for the road. Starting in November, will accompany the men set the shipping center drivers get a license for car and explain to them the proper principles.


Translated from Hebrew